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Voyager Ceiling Lifts

Voyager Easy Track Overhead Ceiling Lifts

The Voyager Portable Lift and Easytrack® Systems combine to form a unique portable overhead lifting solution for the home care environment. The Voyager Portable Lift provides the perfect answer for an environment in which a fixed ceiling lifter is not suitable.

Whether for temporary or permanent home care of a non-ambulatory person, an overhead lift makes life much easier for both patient and caregiver. The Voyager Portable ceiling lift coupled with a variety of Easytrack ceiling systems capable of being installed or taken down and moved in a matter of minutes without the use of tools!

Easy Track comes in two-, three- or four-post configurations to accommodate a variety of lift placement needs. A two-post setup allows for lifting in and out of your bed or bath. Three-post units lift in two directions and can be set up in a bathroom to access the sink, bath and toilet. And four-post configurations provide complete room coverage. These Voyager systems are highly functional and may be used temporarily or permanently.

  • Install to a rigid ceiling (must have a framework above it)
  • Must have a maximum of 24" (610mm) between the trusses in the ceiling
  • Ceiling must be made of wood or 1/2"(12.7mm) sheet rock or thicker
  • Can be used on ceiling heights 7' - 9'
Does not work on vaulted ceilings


Easytrack 2 Post Configuration
The 2 post configuration is ideal for a simple lift in or out of a bed. It allows the person to be moved in one direction along the rail. Also available with a tub bracket which allows one post to be mounted on to a bathtub ledge (minimum 3" ledge at ends required).

Easytrack 3 Post Configuration
The 3 post configuration provides access in two directions, allowing lifts or transfers anywhere within the triangle area. Can work great in bathrooms allowing access to tub, sink and toilet. Also available with a tub bracket which allows one post to be mounted onto a bathtub ledge (minimum 3" ledge at ends required).

Easytrack 4 Post Configuration
The 4 Post system operates like a traditional xy system, allowing for complete coverage anywhere within the 4-post area.

Warranty: All Voyager Track Systems have a 12 month warranty.



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    Guardian Voyager EasyTrack Battery
    Replacement Battery for Guardian Voyager EasyTrack Ceiling Lift. Replacement rechargeable battery.
    ( 5 )
    Guardian Voyager Battery Charger
    Replacement Battery Charger for Voyager EasyTrack Ceiling Lift motor.
    ( 1 )
    Voyager Easytrack Wall Mount
    Wall Mount for Voyager Overhead Lift System. Wall mount can eliminate a vertical floor-to-ceiling post on the Easytrack ceiling lift system.
    Voyager 2-Button Pendant
    Replacement Hand Control for Guardian Voyager EasyTrack Ceiling Lift. Guardian/Hoyer 2-Button Hand Pendant with 6-ft. cord for Easy-Track Portable Lift. Hand control plugs into 98000 portable Lifter.
    ( 5 )
    Guardian Voyager Easytrack System
    Easytrack 4 Wall mount uses no support post and mounts directly to existing wall studs. Works as an X-Y System allowing greater coverage. Voyager Patient Lift in this configuration offers full room coverage. Weight capacity of 440-lbs.
    Voyager Easytrack 4-Post System
    Voyager Easytrack 4 Post is the most flexible overhead lift system allowing more area coverage. Installs in minutes without tools. The 4-Post is an X-Y system that offers more flexibility and easier to use than a hoyer lift.
    Overhead Lift System
    Easytrack 3 Wall mount. EasyTrack Overhead Patient Lift can be setup in minutes and is portable.
    Voyager EasyTrack 2-Post w/Wall Mount
    Easytrack 2-Post w/Wall mount. Works like a 3-Post system. Voyager Ceiling Lift provides greater space coverage and has 440-lb weight capacity. Easy to use overhead lifter has many advantages over regular patient lifts.
    Guardian Voyager Easytrack System
    Guardian Voyager Easytrack 3 Post w/Bath Bracket is the easiest overhead lift system to install. Do it yourself without tools in 15 minutes.
    Easytrack 3-Post System
    Guardian Easytrack 3-Post System offers greater room coverage. Portable Ceiling Lift. Overhead Lift is easy to use and has many advantages over a standard Hoyer Lift.
    Easytrack Wall Mount System
    Easytrack 2 Wall mount attaches to wall studs to eliminate any posts. Voyager Easytrack Ceiling Lifts offer easy patient transfers with a 440-lb weight capacity.
    ( 1 )
    Voyager Ceiling Lift System
    Easytrack 1 Post w/Wall mount model 92002 offers safe patient transfers for any patient application. The Voyager Ceiling Lift has many advantages over traditional patient lifters. Voyager EasyTrack Overhead Lift System has a 440-lb weight capacity.
    Easytrack System with Bath Mount
    Easytrack 2 Post w/Bath Bracket. Voyager Ceiling Lift with Bath Bracket mounts next to tub for easy transfers from wheelchair to bath.
    Guardian Voyager Easytrack System
    Voyager 2 Post EasyTrack System. Installs in just minutes. Basic ceiling lift with 2-post system is great for transfers from bed to wheelchair or commode.
    Guardian Voyager Over Head Lift
    Voyager Portable Ceiling Lifter for EasyTrack System. This battery powered lift is for use with the Voyager EasyTrack Rail System. Lifting capacity of 440-lbs. Includes rechargeable battery & charger.
    ( 1 )

Multi-Post Options:

The 2, 3 or 4 post options allow the Easytrack to solve patient handling problems in nearly every room layout.
Each option is ideal for a different situation:
  • 2 post for a simple lift in or out of bed to a chair or bedside commode
  • 3 post for lifting in two directions
  • 4 post for complete room coverage

Voyager Overhead Ceiling Lift System