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Oxygen Cannula Grip, Infant size Tender Grip

Pediatric/Infant Size Tender Grips, for Oxygen Cannulas

Salter Labs Tender Grips, Infant

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Infant Size Tender Grips for Oxygen Cannulas.
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Product Code: SAL-1007
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Infant Size Tender Grips

10 pair per case

Allows the skin to breathe, holds securely and leaves the fixed object clean without messy residues.

Skin Fixation System, Adult. Unique skin fixation system designed specifically to hold cannula tubing in place.

A unique skin fixation system designed to hold the cannula head tubing and face piece in position. It is easy to apply, allows the skin to breathe, holds securely and leave the fixed object clean without messy residues.

The Salter Labs Tender Grip consists of an adhesive “round” of microporous tape (tinted base) which is applied to the patient’s skin. On top of the tape base is a fixation strap designed to position and secure cannula or other tubing in place.

  • Adheres and secures where other products fail. Designed as an improvement to tape
  • Virtually no patient discomfort or irritation
  • Holds securely without adhesion loss
  • Cosmetically acceptable
  • Moisture resistant. Maintains adhesion. Designed for prolonged usage
  • Infant Tender Grip
  • A unique, time tested fixation system designed specifically to secure cannula tubing
  • Easily applied, contours to tender skin of infants and newborns
  • Closures are simple to engage while allowing limited tubing adjustment
  • Leaves no messy adhesive residue on skin or tubing
  • Permeable to heat or humidity


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