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Apex Battery Replacement

Apex/BestCare Replacement Battery

Bestcare/Apex Legacy Batteries

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One Pair Apex/BestCare Lift Batteries fits Stella and Genesis Lifts with Legacy electronics.
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Product Code: WP-PL400EL-BAT
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Batteries for Apex Legacy Patient Lifts

Batteries: WP-PL400EL-BAT (replaces DPL450E-BAT). 2 required, fits all Apex 'Legacy' Lifts and Performance Battery Packs.

Includes: This is a pair of new batteries.

Replacement batteries for Apex/Bestcare Lifts with 'Legacy Electronics' which include the Genesis & Stella Sreies Lifts. (PL400HE, 400H, 400E), 450LE, 650HD and Stella (SAL1230 & SAL1260HD). Also fits Lumex LF2020.

12V 4.5AH: There are 2 batteries inside the gray control/battery box.

Batteries sold in carton of 2 only.

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