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Halo Safety Ring

Recommended for Assisted Living Centers

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Halo Safety Ring

25 Reviews
Halo Safety Ring is recommended for Assisted Living Centers.
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Halo Bed Rail

models: 77301, 77302, 77121-ALC

The Halo Safety Ring is actually a series of grab bars at just about any angle. It provides a secure handhold for getting in or out of bed. When used on a hospital/adjustable bed, the Halo is mounted to the bed deck so that it raises and lowers with the head section. When used on a standard home bed, it mounts below the bed frame and includes a pedestal floor support.

Halo models for hospital and standard home beds. Will NOT Work with Adjustable Beds.

A bed assist bar is an important piece of equipment to many who need some extra stability when getting in or out of bed. The Halo Safety Ring is a Bed Rail like nothing else out there. It's extremely strong, stable, made from steel and attaches to the upper (moving) portion of the bed frame on hospital beds. Halo Rails are also available for use with regular, at-home or nursing center beds.

This device is the first to satisfy the guidelines set out by the FDA and the Hospital Bed Safety Work Group, regarding the problem with patient entrapment regularly occurring with the old-style bed rails. The Halo unit is now recommended for all assisted living centers nationwide.

Most Assisted Living Centers require the Halo Safety Rail. It's innovative design utilizes a lateral mattress stay and a circle mount to eliminate the danger of entrapment on all bed types and provides residents with greater mobility and a sense of security.

Halo Ring Size: Diameter of the Halo Ring is 12.5 inches.

The Halo Rail is available in 2 models:
  1. Hospital Bed model (77301, 77302) attaches to the hospital bed frame and has a turnbuckle cross brace for support. It attaches to the bed top surface so that it raises/lowers with the bed adjustment. The Halo Ring for hospital bed can be purchased with a single ring on one side (77301), or as a dual ring, one on each side of the bed (77302).
  2. For non-hospital beds see the 77121 ALC (Assisted Living Center) Home Style Halo Rail attaches to a standard bed with a metal frame that the box springs sit in, Halo uses a turnbuckle crossbrace for extra support and has it's own floor stands (pedestals) for even better support. This Home-Style Halo Ring fits up to a Queen size bed.
See installations instructions:How to mount to your bed

Warning about 77121 Halo

Standard home-style or Assisted Living Center beds must have a metal frame like pictured above.

The Halo Safety Ring meets and exceeds the federal guidelines established by the FDA and Hospital Bed Safety Workgroup.

Shipping, Delivery and Lead-Times:

We add this note about shipping because we receive so many phone calls requesting Expedited Shipping. This product is made of heavy steel components and packed in a large size box making it expensive to expedite. In addition, the product ships in 2-3 business days. Be prepared for delivery time of 5-10 business days. (ships UPS from Wisconsin).
  • Free Shipping - Usually ships in 3 business days FEDEX Ground from Wisconsin.

Halo Safety Ring Diagram

Why use the Halo Safety Ring?
With the new entrapment guidelines and the decline of traditional bed rails, the Halo Safety Ring meets and exceeds the HBSW and FDA's final dimensional guidelines against bed entrapment. The Halo Safety Ring passes the new "Bed System Measurement Device" pass/fail test that has been approved for Bed System testing by the FDA and state surveying teams.

Grab it at any angle
While it looks like something to scare off Vampires and Demons, the Halo Safety Ring is actually a series of grab bars at just about any angle. Available as single side or 2-sided.

Rotates 90°
The Halo Safety Ring is designed to rotate ninety degrees (90°) to assist residents during transfers and as a bed mobility device. In order to rotate the Halo Safety Ring, pinch the detent pins and rotate the Halo Safety Ring ninety degree (90°). Detent pins must engage with the holes in Halo Safety Ring bracket prior to use. Always position the Halo Safety Ring parallel with the bed when in use and make sure detent pins are engaged.

  • steel construction
  • 1000 lb weight capacity on Hospital Bed model 77301 & 77302.
  • 500 lb weight capacity on Home Style model 77121.
  • Easy to install turn-buckle mounting bracket for hospital beds.


Two styles to choose from: hospital bed or standard home bed. Choose from menu above.
  1. model 77301 fits all popular size hospital beds up to 44"wide. Single Halo Ring - one side only.
  2. model 77302 fits all popular size hospital beds up to 44" wide. Dual Halo Rings - both sides of bed.
  3. model 77121 fits regular home bed. Halo ring on both sides. Fits twin, full or queen bed. Does not fit Adjustable Beds.
Model 77121 (Assisted Living Center, Home-style bed) includes Halo Ring on each side of bed. (double-sided). There is no single sided kit for home-style beds.

  • Easy to install turn-buckle mounting bracket
  • The Circular design and vertical mounting bar eliminate entrapment concerns and allow exit points for neck, head, and chest

Halo Safety Ring for Hospital Bed:
purchase single side or both sides.

Halo Bed Rail

The Halo Safety Ring articulates with raising and lowering the head of the bed, enabling the resident to maneuver in the bed while in various positions. By locking into place the telescoping tube connector buttons, the Halo Safety Ring can double as a quad-like cane assisting the resident in and out of bed.

Halo Safety Ring for Home Style Bed:
home Style includes both sides and fits up to queen size bed.

Halo Safety Ring Models

  • Easy removal for bed side transfers and bed therapy
  • Promotes bed mobility/decreases skin breakdown
  • Permanent locking mechanism to assist resident exiting bed
  • 1000 lb. weight capacity
  • Turnbuckle style mounting bracket to fit most beds
  • Customized mattress stay to prevent lateral mattress movement
  • Circular design with a vertical mounting bar to eliminate entrapment and allow for exit points for neck, head and chest
  • Easy to install
  • Exceeds the 4 ¾” breadth of the Halo Safety Ring for Zone 1
  • Exceeds the compressibility of mattress and 2 1/3” gap space along with the 60” exit point for Zones 2, 3 and 4
  • Lifetime Warranty

Installation Guides:

How to install 77301 & 77302 on Hospital Bed frame
How to install 77121 ALC on Standard Home Bed

PDFHalo Safety Ring

PDFHalo Instruction Manual

Accessories for Halo Safety Ring:

Halo Circle Pad Protector - Model Number 77118:
7718 Pad ProtectorPrevents bruising from any medical disorder that might cause the skin to become thin, frail, or to bruise.
Promotes increased safety and a better sleeping environment.
Installs with simple hook and loop attachments.

Halo Limb Protector - Model Number 77116:
7716 Limb ProtectorPrevents the upper from penetrating any one part of the Halo Circle.
May be hand washed and air dried.

Halo Gap Space Eliminator - Model Number 77117:
7717 Gap Space Eliminator
Eliminates Zone 7 Gap Space
Designed to eliminate gaps between mattresses in increments of 2", 4", and 6".
Units may be used individually or together, depending on size of gap to be eliminated.
Each unit has a removable machine washable cover and a three strap system.

Learn about Halo Safety Ring


Average Customer Review:
( 25 )
Ellen Herwig from Columbia, SC United States
May 15, 2021
Installation instructions a bit hard to follow and instructions on use were vague. We just installed it so uncertain at this time how effective it will be. One of two rings seem to lack lateral stability in tube. Packaging excellent, able to find all needed pieces. Overall satisfied.
Was this review helpful to you?
Carolyn Critz from Fort Worth, TX United States
March 1, 2021
review of Halo safety ring
I ordered this for my friend who is in a memory care facility and has trouble with getting into and out of bed. It was recommended by the staff. I have not seen it installed yet. I did receive it and the box was damaged . I contacted the company on the label and they told me to take a picture of the damage to the box and let you know if there was any damage to the product. I would like to sho
... view more
Was this review helpful to you?
Virginia from Chapin, SC United States
November 3, 2020
Working well
Solution to losing strength and mobility. Even worked on our antique brass and iron bed.
Was this review helpful to you?
Lenoir Frick
June 3, 2020
Service and prompt shipment was great!!
Was this review helpful to you?
Wayne R. from Louisville, KY
July 23, 2018
Halo Rails
Works as advertised and was easy to attach.
Was this review helpful to you?