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DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide QSU

Portable Suction Unit, 50% reduction in sound

DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide QSU - Image 1 of 0
DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide QSU - Image 2 of 0
DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide QSU - Image 1 of 0
DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide QSU - Image 2 of 0
DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide QSU - Image 1 of 0
DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide QSU - Image 2 of 0

DeVilbiss Portable Vacu-Aide Quiet Suction Unit

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DeVilbiss Vacu-Aide Quiet Suction Unit
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Product Code: 7314P-D
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Vacu-Aide QSU Aspirator

model: 7314P-D

This suction machine is ideal for neonatal, infant, child and adult homecare suctioning. And it's 50% quieter than competing suction machines. With more than 50% reduction in sound, the Vacu-Aide QSU is the quietest high flow/high suction portable unit on the market, making it a smart choice for patients from neonate to adult.

The Vacu-Aide QSU allows vacuum adjustment for 50-550 mm Hg and a free flow of 27 liters/minute.

Although it is classified as a Portable Unit, the machine comes with adapters to run off of AC or DC. The rechargeable battery charges when the unit is plugged into any power source and the battery provides up to one-hour of continuous operation.

  • Vacu-Aide QSU
  • 800 ml disposable container
  • internal battery
  • carrying case
  • 6’ tubing
  • AC/DC adapter and power cord.
This Devilbiss Suction Unit is a compact medical suctioning device which has been designed for reliable, portable operation. Because of the small size, light weight and DC operation, the DeVilbiss 7305 Suction Unit is ideal for providing suction in the home, or on the go with the DC cord. 12V DC capability for vehicle charging.

Intended Use:
The device is to be used to remove fluids from the airway or respiratory support system and infectious materials from wounds. The device creates a negative pressure (vacuum) that draws fluids through disposable tubing that is connected to a collection container. The fluids are trapped in the collection container for proper disposal. It is for use on the order of a physician only.
  • Automatic float shut-off to prevent overflow into the unit
  • container assembly features integrated bacteria filter
  • Integrated gauge and flow regulator
  • switch mode power supply, allowing operation on any AC voltage (100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz)
  • Low battery and charge indicator lights
  • can be operated while inside the carrying case
  • Float shutoff on container to protect against overflow and integrated bacteria filter to prevent back flow
    Dimensions: 8.3” H x 8.0” W x 8.5” D
    Dimensions in Case: 8.5” H x 9.0” W x 12” D
    Weight: 6.6 lbs.
    Vacuum Range: 50 – 550 mm Hg
    Flow Range: 27 LPM free flow, unrestricted
    Sound Level: 55 dBA typical (53 dBA typical while operating inside carrying case)
    Collection Bottle Capacity: 800 ml (cc) disposable
    Electrical Requirements: 100-240V~, 50/60Hz, 1.2A max, 12 V, 33 W max
    Power Consumption: 33 W max

    Two-year warranty on the unit, 90-day warranty on the battery.

    Guidelines for appropriate subatmospheric pressures:
    Neonates: 60 - 80 mm Hg
    Infants: 80 - 100 mm Hg
    Children: 100 - 120 mm Hg
    Adults: 100 - 150 mm Hg


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