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Bath Lifts

Bathtub Lifts

Battery powered bath lifts can lower you into the tub and lift you to the top. No fuss installation just takes a minute and can be removed so others can use the tub. Notice that some of our bath lifts have reclining backs while other models have fixed, non-reclining back. All models have ample legroom for stretching out and taking a comfortable bath.
Tub Lifts allow the user to descend down into the tub and easily rise at the push of a button. No installation required. Simply set the lift in the bath tub and it's ready to use. Powered by rechargeable batteries for smooth movement and a stable, safe bathing experience. Ideal for people having difficulty bathing without assistance.



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    Reclining Bath Lift
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    Reclining Back - up to 8 lifts per charge, 308 lbs. capacity. The Bellavita can simply be lifted out of the tub between uses. No hardware to install, the back attaches to base and you're ready to go.
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    Splash Bath Lift
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    Fixed Back - rechargeable battery located in the hand control. 280 lbs. capacity, weighs only 14.3-lbs making it extremely easy to remove from or place into the tub.
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    Aquatec Bathlift
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    Reclining Back - two models with a seat size up to 35 inches. Enjoy the simple pleasure of a bath. True portability and easy installation. Rechargeable battery gets 5-6 lifts per charge.
    Aquatec RSB Bath Lift
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    Reclining Back with Lateral Side Flaps - three sizes to choose from including one for wider bath tubs. Adjustable side-flaps, 400 lbs. capacity. 6-8 lift cycles per charge. High backrest with molded neck support
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    Parts for AquaJoy Bath Lift
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    Replacement parts for AquaJoy Premier Plus Reclining Bath Lift.
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    Beluga Replacement Battery
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    Replacement Battery and Charger for Aquatec Beluga Bath Lift.
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Bath Seat Lifts for the Disabled

There may be various outlets for obtaining handicap bathtub lifts but very few, if any, can match the value combination of low cost and high quality like we can here at Preferred. For any individuals suffering mobility issues, having a quality bath hoist can be an actual lifesaver. Many accidents happen in bathrooms due to the difficulties of getting into and out of the tub. Bath seat lifts for disabled persons are a great help.

The bath tub lift chairs for sale here at PHC make life easier for everyone – user and caregiver alike. Even the most economically-priced Aqua Joy Saver and Lumex Splash power bath lifters have great features and sturdy reliability built in.

FEATURED: Bellavita Auto Bath Lifter

Superb functionality and outstanding performance. The Bellavita Bath Lift also reclines to 50° when at it's lowest position. The Bellavita Bath Lift fits most shapes and sizes of bath tubs with suction-cup feet that may be angled in any direction to suit the curvature of the bath and to ensure stability and safety. Even fits older/deeper tubs.

See the Bellavita Bath Lift
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