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Aquatec Bathlift

Aquatec Bath Lift, Battery Powered

Aquatec Bathlift - Image 1 of 0
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Aquatec Bathlift - Image 1 of 0
Aquatec Bathlift - Image 2 of 0
Aquatec Bathlift - Image 1 of 0
Aquatec Bathlift - Image 2 of 0

Aquatec Bath Lift

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Aquatec Bath Lift - Battery Powered Tub Lift
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Aquatec Bath Lift

Simple pleasures of a bath, Aquatec can make it happen. The battery-powered bathlift lowers into the tub and the back reclines for a relaxing soak.Aquatec Bath Lift fits all standard home tubs.

Battery powered tub lift:
Imagine the confidence of knowing you can safely get in and out of your tub with out the worry of slipping or falling. The Aquatec system is a battery powered lift and can lower you to the bottom of your tub and then raise you back to the top, without having to strain knees, hips or shoulders. A safety feature will not allow the lift to lower if there is not enough battery power.

Reclining back allows you to shampoo without getting soap in your eyes, or to lie back to enjoy the effects of the warm water.

Standard size or wide tub:
The lift lowers to 2.5" from the bottom of the tub, then the back support reclines 35 degrees. Bath Lift fits a standard size tub and the Wide Lift will accommodate wider style whirlpool tubs.

Washable covers:
Aquatec Bathlifts are constructed from reinforced plastic and stainless steel components. The unit is operated with a pushbutton hand control. Seat & back covers are made of soft rubber mesh. Covers are removable and machine washable.

Aquatec Beluga Diagrams

  • Battery power for true portability and easy installation
  • Re-chargeable battery gets 5-6 lifts per charge
  • Back support reclines to 35°
  • Use with or without covers
  • Lifts 300 pounds
  • Lowers to 2.5" from bottom of tub
  • Aquatec is warranted for 3 years excluding covers and battery

Optional Rotary Transfer Seat:
Optional Rotary Transfer Seat has a velcro bottom side and adheres to the rubber mesh seat cover.

Optional Oversized Suction Cups:
Kit consist of 4 Suction Cup feet.

Specifications: use the Technical Specs Tab above.

Aquatec Wide Bathlift:
Same features as specs above with a 35” wide seat platform. The Aquatec Wide is sized for larger whirlpool style tubs.

Beluga Wide Bath Lift

Beluga shown with blue covers. The lift can be used with or without covers. Covers are washable.

How to Measure for a Bathlift:
  • Measure the tub, inside width at the top edge and the inside depth. Look at the comparison chart to pick the model that will fit.
  • Pick the model to best satisfy the needs of the bather for back support, Straight back for basic bathing needs or Reclining Special Back for upper body support.
  • Choose the accessories to provide support or positioning for a safe bath
Choosing Maximum Seat Height:
The standard seat height is 16" and can be increased in 1" increments to 19" maximum with the addition of height adapters:
  • 17" = initial 1" height adapter must be Height Adapter w/Plug part # A15170
  • 18" = Height Adapter w/Plug + 1 set 1" adapter (part # A15170 + part#A14694)
  • 19" = Height Adapter w/Plug + 2 sets 1" adapter (part # A15170 + 2 ea. part#A14694)

AquatecAquatec WideAquatec XL
Seat width without sideflaps14.75"14.75"14.75"
Seat width with sideflaps27.88"35.5"27.88"
Sitting area length19"19"19:
Maximum seat height17"17"17"
Minimum seat height2.5"2.5"2.5"
Backrest width14"14"14"
Backrest height26"26"26"
Total length (backrest upright)24"24"24"
Total length (backrest reclined)33"33"33"
Total height including backrest42"42"42"
Bottom plate, footprint12" x 23"12" x 23"12" x 23"
Cover thickness.11".11".11"
Total weight without hand control27-lbs29-lbs27-lbs
Seat weight17-lbs19-lbs17-lbs
Backrest weight10-lbs10-lbs10-lbs
Hand control weight1-lbs1-lbs1-lbs
Load Capacity300-lbs300-lbs400-lbs
Backrest reclines to40 degrees40 degrees40 degrees
Part number (Blue)A1470762A1471652N/A
Part number (White)A1470751A1471653A1471069


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