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Bariatric Lift Equipment

Heavy-duty patient lifts are especially designed to accommodate users who are of greater than average weight and require assistance in transferring from their beds to their wheelchairs or from wheelchairs to the toilet, bath or back into bed. The bariatric transfer equipment models offered here are made by top-name, respected manufacturers like Hoyer, Lumex, Bestcare, Apex, Drive and Invacare.
A Bariatric Patient Lift ranges in lifting capacities from 500-lbs up to 1000-lbs and is outfitted with powerful motors operated by 24-volt rechargeable battery systems. They are a safe, sturdy alternative to manually lifting patients and benefit the welfare of both patient and caregiver alike. Adjustable base legs allow for easy maneuverability around furniture and bathroom fixtures.
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BestLift PL228 Patient Lift BestLift PL228 Patient Lift

500 lbs. capacity and about 5" shorter in length than other heavy-duty lifts. Ideal for smaller patient rooms. Powered Patient Floor Lift from Bestcare works with 4 or 6-point slings. Low base height of 4.5" and hand operated base opening.

Our Price: $1,399.00
BestLift PL500 Patient Lift BestLift PL500 Patient Lift

500 lbs. capacity. BestLift Powered Full-Body Floor Lift from Bestcare works with 4 or 6-point slings. Low base height of 4.9" and foot operated base opening.

Our Price: $1,698.99

Bariatric Patient Lift, Drive 13244 Bariatric Patient Lift

600 lbs. capacity, swivel-bar allows 360 degrees patient rotation. Lift plugs into any wall socket for charging, no off-board charger needed.

Our Price: $1,978.99
Bariatric Patient Lifter, Lumex #LF1090 Lumex Bariatric Patient Lift

600-lbs. capacity. Six-point spreader bar and can rotate patient 360 degrees. Lift from floor, optional digital scale.

Our Price: $2,198.99
Lumex LF500 Patient Lift Lumex Pro Patient Lift LF500

Power Lift from LUMEX includes powered base legs and 2 battery packs. Works with 4 or 6-point slings. Low base height of 4.3", dual controls. 500 lbs. capacity.

Our Price: $2,218.00

Bariatric Patient Lifter, Drive #13245 Bariatric Electric Patient Lift

600-lbs. capacity. Swivel-bar allows 360 degrees patient rotation. Includes Removable Battery-Pack and Off-Board Charger.

Our Price: $2,411.99
BestLift PL600E Patient Lift Full Body Patient Lift, BestLift PL600E

600-lbs. capacity. Heavy-Duty Full-Body Lift from Bestcare works with 4 or 6-point slings. Battery powered Lift has a low base height of 4.7" to allow for access under most beds.

Our Price: $2,698.99
Hoyer Lift HPL500 Hoyer Heavy-Duty Patient Lifter HPL500

500-lbs. capacity. Heavy-duty powered patient lift. Easily lift from floor, bed or any chair. Transfers made simple for heavier users.

Our Price: $2,744.99

Heavy Duty Hoyer Lift Invacare Heavy Duty Power Lifter, RPL600

600-lbs. capacity. Reliant Bariatric Heavy-Duty Patient Lifter for larger patients. Includes 2 rechargeable battery packs and wall mount external charger.

Our Price: $3,999.00

Hoyer Lift HPL700 Hoyer Heavy-Duty Power Patient Lifter

700-lbs. capacity. HPL700 offers a high-quality Bariatric Patient Lift, designed to meet the needs of obese patients. Lift from floor, bed, chair, commode, or any surface.

Our Price: $4,998.99
Hoyer Presence Lift Hoyer Presence Lift

500-lbs. capacity. Includes powered-base. Low-Base option. High-quality hospital grade construction. Easily lift from floor, bed or any seated surface.

Our Price: $5,998.99
Hoyer Stature Lift Hoyer Stature Lift

500-lbs. capacity. High-quality, facility grade patient lift with optional powered cradle for tilting patient during lowering.

Our Price: $6,998.99

Heavy-Duty Patient Lifts

These heavy-duty patient lifts are capable of lifting up to 1000-lbs. Ideal caregiver tools for transferring patients from bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to commode or bath. The base legs adjust open for additional stability during transfers and legs easily close to make the lift as narrow as possible for hallways and doorways. See individual lift (product) pages for overall width specifications.

These powered Bariatric Patient Lifts are powered by 24V rechargeable battery systems.