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Bariatric Bed & Related Products

Heavy-Duty Beds and Accessories engineered to meet the needs of bariatric clients. These products provide additional weight bearing capabilities as well as comfort.
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Lumex Bariatric Trapeze Lumex Bariatric Trapeze, 2940B & 2960B

Lumex Bariatric Trapeze available with 450-lb or 600-lb weight capacities.  Heavy-duty Floor Trapeze is easy to setup. Chain length and Trapezez height are adjustable..

Your Price: $499.00
Invacare Bariatric Trapeze model BARTRAP Invacare Bariatric Trapeze

Invacare Bariatric Trapeze model  BARTRAP supports 650-lbs patients.

Your Price: $1,079.00
Bariatric Hospital Bed Drive 15300 Full-Electric Bariatric

Locking casters, easy to use hand pendant, reinforced mattress deck. Available as bed only or as bed package w/mattress and rails. 600-lbs. capacity. 42"W x 80"L

Your Price: $1,179.00
Invacare BAR600 Bariatric Hospital Bed Invacare BAR600 Bariatric Hospital Bed

Bed only - Works well for patients needing a wider width and a heavy-duty bed. 600 lbs. capacity. 42"W x 80"L.

Your Price: $1,799.00
Bariatric Alternating Pressure Mattress PressureGuard APM Bariatric Alternating Pressure Mattress

Alternating Pressure for Bariatric patient.  The PressureGuard APM Bariatric supports up to 750-lbs., 42", 48" and 54" widths, 80" length.

Your Price: $2,319.00
Invacare BAR600 Bariatric Hospital Bed BAR600 Full-Electric Bariatric Package

Full-Electric Bariatric Hospital Bed Package with mattress and rails has 600-lb weight capacity, and wider sleep surface for oversize patient. 600 lbs. capacity. 42"W x 80"L.

Your Price: $2,499.00
Drive Medical Bariatric Hospital Bed Drive 15302 Full-Electric Bariatric Bed

Bed only - Full-Electric Bariatric Hospital Bed with 48" wider sleep surface. 750 lbs. capacity. 48"W x 80"L.

Your Price: $2,770.00
Drive Medical Heavy-Duty Bariatric Hospital Bed Drive 15303 Full-Electric Bariatric

Full-size hospital bed offers wider sleep surface. Homecare bed for large or obese patient. Full-Electric with solid deck for superior support. 1000 lbs. capacity. 54"W x 80"L.

Your Price: $2,810.00
Low Air Loss Bariatric MAttress Patriot Bariatric True Low Air Loss Mattress BLAL

Patriot True Low-Air-Loss Mattress has a 800-lb weight capacity. True low air loss therapy provides the ideal microclimate for wound healing. Bariatric Mattress System has 5, 10, or 20 minute cycle times and measures 80L x 42W x 10H.

Your Price: $2,997.00
Drive Medical Heavy-Duty Hospital Bed Drive 15302 Full-Electric Bariatric Bed Package

Full-Electric Bariatric Bed Package. Includes mattress and 2 pair half-rails. 750 lbs. capacity. 48"W x 80"L.

Your Price: $3,099.00
Invacare BAR750 Bariatric Hospital Bed Invacare BAR750 Full-Electric Bariatric BAR750

Invacare BAR750 full-electric Bariatric Hospital Bed has total weight capacity of 750-lbs. Adjustable bed size: 39" - 48" width and 80" - 88" length.

Your Price: $3,399.00
Titan Bariatric Low Hospital Bed Titan Bariatric Low Hospital Bed w/Mattress, LB600

Full-Electric Bariatric Low Bed Package includes mattress. Very low bed has deck range of 7" - 30". 600 lbs. capacity. 36"W x 84"L.

Your Price: $3,440.00
Titan Bariatric Hospital Bed Titan Bariatric w/Mattress

Full-Electric Bariatric Bed Package includes mattress and 1 set of rails. Full 750-lb weight capacity. 42", 48" or 54" wide and 84" length.

Your Price: $3,460.00
Invacare BARPKG750 Bariatric Hospital Bed BAR750 Full-Electric Bariatric Hospital Bed

Invacare Bariatric Bed Package includes 42" wide Mattress. Full-electric. 700 lbs. capacity. 42"W Length adjustable 80-88"L.

Your Price: $4,636.90
ROHO Low Air Loss Bariatric Mattress System ROHO Bariatric Mattress

ROHO BariSelect Low Air Loss Mattress for Bariatric Patients has two inch deeper mattress, 680-lb weight capacity. Available in 39",42", 48", 54", 60" widths.

Your Price: $5,616.00
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