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Flexible Lumbar Support Belts

Our back support products are designed to help reduce and prevent pain that’s brought on by the tasks of everyday life. From soreness and injuries, caused by lifting, loading or running, these orthopedic back braces cater to it all. Say goodbye to achy sore backs during your day-to-day activities with our back braces.

Strap on any of our lower back supports for pain relief. We have lumbar support belts specifically designed for different types of causes of back pain. From braces that are designed to correct posture, to pregnancy pain supports and custom fit braces to sooth every day back pains, we’ve got you covered. Several of our supports feature gel pads, inflatable pads and suspenders for extra support and comfort.

While we offer a wide range of back supports, what they all have in common is that they are durable and made to last. Our products are high quality and have a longer lifespan than any back support you would buy from a drug store. You’ll do your back a favor when you invest in a back brace for lifting today!  
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Form Fit Back Support AirForm Inflatable Back Support Back Support Suspenders
Ossur Form Fit Industrial Back Support Muscular best for low back ache, acute strains, chronic low back pain, preventative reasons. Ossur AirForm Inflatable Back Support has Adjustable Air Bladder for a custom fit.  Designed for muscular low back ache, acute strains, chronic low back pain, and lumbar support. Ossur Clamp-On Back Support Suspenders model 10912 can be added to each Back Support.
Soft Form Posture Support Brace Ventilated Lumbar Support Brace Back Support Safe-T-Lift LX
Soft Form Posture Brace
Our Price: $45.20
Posture support brace may be worn while sitting or during activity to correct and control poor posture Ventilated Lumbar Support Brace for Women - hook and loop closures allow for an adjustable amount of compression and easy application and removal. Occupational back support encourages proper spinal alignment as it supports the lower back and abdomen. Safe-T-Lift® brand.
Back Support Safe-T-Lift DX Back Support Contoured Ventilated Lumbar Support Brace
Safe-T-Lift DX. Occupational back support encourages proper spinal alignment as it supports the lower back and abdomen. Safe-T-Lift® brand. Back Support to wear during any physical activity to hold the back in proper alignment and help prevent back injury. Safe-T-Lift® brand. This Lumbar support us a high quality 10" high elastic lumbar sacral support helps to control pain and provide stability to the lower back by allowing for flexible lumbar support and comfortable abdominal compression.
Soft Form Maternity Support Belt Deluxe Lumbar Support Thermal Lumbar Support 31-750 series
This Soft Form Maternity Support Belt Comfortably supports the lumbar and abdominal regions to help provide relief of lower back pain and discomfort. Strong and durable, this lumbar sacral support helps alleviate pain by relieving stress on the lower spine. Back panel is made of perforated vinyl with a soft cotton lining. Hot and Cold Therapy. This Thermal Lumbar support stabilizes and supports the lumbar sacral region to help provide relief from lower back pain and discomfort. Thermal gel pad can be used for either hot or cold therapy.
ProLite Lumbar Sacral Support, 31-722 series Custom Fit Occupational Back Support, 70-160 Safe-T-Belt Plus Occupational Back Support, 70-920
This Lumbar Sacral Support from ProLite provides compression to the lumbar sacral and abdominal regions, stabilizing and supporting these areas to provide relief from lower back pain and discomfort. Ideal for industrial use, drivers, movers, delivery personnel, material handling, and any task involving sitting, kneeling or bending. This working lumbar belt from Safe-T-Belt is ideal for maintenance, landscaping, construction, and tasks requiring kneeling, bending, pushing, pulling and/or lifting

Back supports, Lumbar support, low back aches, support for lifting.

Safety products designed to prevent and treat occupational injuries lifting, to loading trucks, to running a jack-hammer. Products designed to help you get the job done.

If you use this kind of product you know you can stop at the drug store on the way to work and purchase similar products, but how long do they last?
  • Lifespan
  • Quality
  • Durability
That's what these products are about. We know you'll be taking it off/on 50-100 times a day, everyday. Tomorrow you'll find them in the toolbox beneath heavy equipment - dust them off and get to work. That's why they are built with only the best in hardware, materials, buckles, straps, etc. MADE IN AMERICA!