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Aquatec Ocean Shower Wheelchair Parts

Aquatec Ocean, Replacement Parts

Aquatec Ocean Replacement Parts

3 Reviews
Replacement Parts for Aquatec Ocean Shower/Commode Wheelchair
Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days
Product Code: Aquatec-Ocean-Parts
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Aquatec Ocean Shower Chair Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for Aquatec Ocean Shower Chair.

See part descriptions and prices below:
Product CodeNameYour PriceQty
Product Code:Aquatec-Ocean-Parts-0002Aquatec Ocean Replacement Parts - 11.) Guide rail for collection pan, A16335Your Price:$59.00
Product Code:Aquatec-Ocean-Parts-0003Aquatec Ocean Replacement Parts - 12.) Footrest with heel loop, right, each, A16433Your Price:$109.00
Product Code:Aquatec-Ocean-Parts-0004Aquatec Ocean Replacement Parts - 13.) Footrest with heel loop, left, each, A16432Your Price:$109.00
Product Code:Aquatec-Ocean-Parts-0005Aquatec Ocean Replacement Parts - 14.) Heel loop only, grey, pair, A16334Your Price:$98.00
Product Code:Aquatec-Ocean-Parts-0006Aquatec Ocean Replacement Parts - 15.) Hardware to attach back to seat, A16434Your Price:$30.00
Product Code:Aquatec-Ocean-Parts-0007Aquatec Ocean Replacement Parts - 16.) Blue clip for seat height adjustment, (each), A16256Your Price:$31.00
Product Code:Aquatec-Ocean-Parts-0008Aquatec Ocean Replacement Parts - 17.) Side panel left or right, no wheels, A16737Your Price:$193.00
Product Code:Aquatec-Ocean-Parts-0009Aquatec Ocean Replacement Parts - 18.) 5" caster with BLUE directional lock, (each), uses one, A1470687Your Price:$152.00
Product Code:Aquatec-Ocean-Parts-0010Aquatec Ocean Replacement Parts - 19.) 5" caster with RED brake, (each), uses 3, A16259Your Price:$138.00
Product Code:Aquatec-Ocean-Parts-0011Aquatec Ocean Replacement Parts - 2.) Upholstery for back, No Longer AvailableYour Price:$0.00
Product Code:Aquatec-Ocean-Parts-0012Aquatec Ocean Replacement Parts - 3.) Armrest assembly with bracket, right, A1470693Your Price:$176.00
Product Code:Aquatec-Ocean-Parts-0013Aquatec Ocean Replacement Parts - 4.) Armrest assembly with bracket, left, A1470694Your Price:$176.00
Product Code:Aquatec-Ocean-Parts-0014Aquatec Ocean Replacement Parts - 5.) Armrest lock,No Longer AvailableYour Price:$0.00
Product Code:Aquatec-Ocean-Parts-0015Aquatec Ocean Replacement Parts - 6.) Safety Support BarNo Longer AvailableYour Price:$0.00
Product Code:Aquatec-Ocean-Parts-0016Aquatec Ocean Replacement Parts - 7.) Safety Support Bar Curved, A1470078Your Price:$170.00
Product Code:Aquatec-Ocean-Parts-0017Aquatec Ocean Replacement Parts - 8.) Soft seat with hygiene recess, A16341Your Price:$254.00
Product Code:Aquatec-Ocean-Parts-0018Aquatec Ocean Replacement Parts - 9.) Soft seat with toilet recess, A16342Your Price:$292.00


Average Customer Review:
( 3 )
Kathleen Richmond from Harrisburg, PA United States
December 4, 2021
Product received in 3 days! Fantastic couldn't be happier.
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Carlos Chequer from Mission, TX United States
July 6, 2020
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John Marker from Livonia, MI United States
January 2, 2019
Shower chair back
it was a little more pricey than I would like, but they had it and it shipped fast and was a perfect match to the original
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