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Air, Gel & Foam Mattress Pads and Toppers

When a condition forces a patient to spend most of their time in bed, the constant strain on their skin and tissue makes them more prone to developing painful pressure ulcers. Group I support surfaces are the most economical form of preventing skin issues in patients who are bedridden. While these therapeutic mattress pads and overlays don’t offer a lot of pressure management, they are great for use as a preventative measure against pressure ulcers for most patients.

PHC is proud to carry a wide range of support surfaces that will fit perfectly atop an existing mattress or bed frame and entirely match the needs of the patient. To uniformly distribute pressure and reduce friction and shear, we recommend gel overlays, which feature gel bladders tucked away inside a foam core for layers of relief. If a patient is highly susceptible to developing pressure ulcers, all of our alternating pressure pads allow for you to change pressure points by inflating and deflating cells based on the needs of the patient. We also carry some of the best memory foam mattresses that are designed to maximize pressure reduction with multiple layers of comfortable foam.

For patients that are facing a long stay in bed, PHC is proud to carry a wide range of comfortable foam mattresses and other Group I support surfaces that work to prevent skin issues before they happen.

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Med-Aire Alternating Pressure Pad & Pump System Drive Alternating Pressure Pad & Pump System

Alternating Pressure Pad & Pump System (APP) has 300-lb weight capacity, 4-LPM air flow...

Our Price: $109.00
Combination Gel-Foam Hospital Bed Mattress Overlay Premium Guard Gel-Foam Overlay

Gel Foam Mattress Overlays are designed for optimal prevention and treatment of pressure sores. This combination has a foam base with Gel surface. Available in 36" and 42" widths x 76" length.

Our Price: $134.00
Static Air Mattress System Premium Guard Deluxe Static Air Mattress Overlay

This Static-Air Mattress has over 240 Air cells and chambers “self-adjust” for pressure equalization.

Our Price: $39.95
CG9701 Alternating Pressure Pad CareGuard Alternating Pressure System CG9701

Invacare CG9701 CareGuard APP Alternating Pressure Pad and Pump System. Economical Air Mattress offers excellent protection and alternating pressure points for patients up to 250 lbs.

Our Price: $119.70
Gel-Foam Overlay Invacare Gel Foam Mattress Overlay IVCGFMO2

Invacare IVCGFMO2 Gel-Overlay is a Group I Therapeutic Support Surface designed to aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. Fits standard Hospital Bed 36"W x 77"L.

Our Price: $129.90

Lumex Foam Hospital Bed Mattress Lumex Gold Care Foam Mattress, 80", 84"

For Moderate-Medium Risk users. Gold Care Foam Mattress has 400-lb weight capacity and is available in 35" & 42" widths, 80" & 84" lengths. Therapeutic foam is kinder to skin surface than standard innerspring mattress.

Our Price: $269.90
Lumex Platinum Care Foam Hospital Bed Mattress Lumex Platinum Care Foam Mattress

For users up to Very High Risk. Platinum Care Mattress has 425 lbs. weight capacity and is available in 75", 80" and 84"  lengths. This flotation style design reduces lateral shear and distributes pressure evenly achieving an overall low tissue interface pressure.

Our Price: $289.00
Memory Foam Hospital Mattress Memory Foam Hospital Bed Mattress

For users up to Very High Risk. Visco-Elastic Memory Foam top layer, foam base layer. Designed to provide optimal pressure management with long term comfort and support,
350 lb. capacity, 4 sizes available.

Our Price: $299.00
Pressure Pad & Pump System Variable Pressure Pump & Bubble-style Pad

Alternating Pressure Pad & Variable Pressure Pump (APP) has 275-lb weight capacity.

Our Price: $119.90
Gel-Foam Bariatric Overlay Bariatric Gel-Foam Overlay

Bariatric Gel Foam Overlays measures 42"W x 80"L x 4"H and has 400 lbs. capacity. Skin protection and prevents skin ulcers.

Our Price: $239.90
Nova Deluxe Adjustable Pump & Pad Mattress System Nova Deluxe Adjustable Pump and Pad

Overlay, Alternating Pressure Pad  System with adjustable pressure control. Comfortable overlay system sits on top of existing mattress.

Our Price: $159.90
ROHO Prodigy Mattress Overlay System ROHO Prodigy Mattress Overlay

ROHO Prodigy Mattress is an Overlay System: Non-powered mattress overlay designed for individuals who are at risk for skin breakdown. Most recommended by physicians. 35"W x 80"L.

Our Price: $332.00

Group I Mattress products are the most economical form of preventing skin issues. Pressure management in Group I products is minimal. However, these products offer excellent preventative pressure management for most patients.

Group I Therapeutic Support Surfaces include:
  1. Gel Overlay - Uniformly distributes pressure and reduces friction and shear with gel bladders inside a foam core. Designed to be placed directly of an existing mattress.
  2. Foam Mattress - Multiple layers of foam for maximum pressure reduction. Designed to be placed directly on the existing bed frame.
  3. Alternating Pressure Pad - Alternates inflation and deflation of cells to constantly change pressure points. Designed to be placed directly on top of existing mattress.

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