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Aetrex Shoes

The Aetrex line features high-performance Athletic Shoes, Casual and Dress shoes with orthotics for pedorthic support. They are built for the biomechanical needs of many foot types. 21st Century styling with innovative comfort.

Every shoe uses Aetrex's unique PRS (Pressure Relief System) Insole, enabling you to customize the fit and comfort to your individual need.
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Aetrex Gel Heel Cradles Aetrex 50780 Gel Heel Cups - Posted

Posted Platinum Heel Cups feature a medial post to gently realign the rearfoot, making them ideal for those with "flat feet."

Your Price: $38.95
Aetrex Gel Heel Cradles Aetrex 50770 Gel Heel Cups - Neutral

Rearfoot relief.  Clinically proven to absorb shock, cushion painful heels and reduce stress on the Achilles tendon, these unique heel cups are recommended for people with Achilles tendonitis or general heel pain.

Your Price: $38.95
Aetrex Gel Heel Cradles Aetrex 50760 Gel Heel Cradles - Posted

Rearfoot relief.  Recommended for those with "flat feet", these unique heel cradles incorporate a medial post to gently realign the rearfoot while absorbing shock and cushioning painful heels.

Your Price: $38.95
Aetrex Gel Heel Cradles Aetrex 50750 Gel Heel Cradles - Neutral

Rearfoot relief.  Soft Gel plugs provide relief at the most sensitive areas, while the medial extension helps support the arch. Made from a medical grade PLATINUM Gel to provide immediate relief from rearfoot discomfort.

Your Price: $38.95
Aetrex Orthotic Insoles-Inserts Aetrex 40663 Walker/Runner Performance Insoles

These Aetrex Walker/Runner Performance Insoles were designed by a doctor to provide comfort and stability while walking or running.

Your Price: $38.95
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