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Adult Nebulizers

Desk-Top Nebulizer Compressors for Homecare.

If your doctor has prescribed a liquid medication, such as Albuterol, to treat your respiratory condition, to best utilize this liquid medication, he should have also has prescribed a compressor/nebulizer. The compressor/nebulizer works to convert the medication to a high-quality mist of fine particles that penetrates deep into the lungs.

These machines can be used by adults and children. We stock top quality nebulizer compressor machines from manufacturers such as DeVilbiss, John Bunn, Drive Medical and Aeroneb.

Caution: Purchase of a Nebulizer requires a physician's written prescription. Fax your Rx to 702-666-9018.

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Devilbiss Pulmo-Aide Nebulizer model 3655 Devilbiss Pulmo-Aide Compact Compressor/Nebulizer 3655

Devilbiss Pulmo-Aide Compact Nebulizer/Compressor. Compact design and 5-year warranty.

Your Price: $89.90
DeVilbiss PulmoMate Nebulizer DeVilbiss PulmoMate Compressor/Nebulizer 4650D

The DeVilbiss PulmoMate provides the unbeatable combination of quality and value. The sleek case design fits easily into luggage, backpacks and diaper bags for easy transport. Comes with standard disposable nebulizer or Reusable Nebulizer.

Your Price: $89.40
Devilbiss PulmoNeb LT Nebulizer DeVilbiss PulmoNeb LT Compressor Nebulizer, 3655LT/LTR

Devilbiss 3655LT & 3655LTR PulmoNeb LT Compressor Nebulizer is lightweight and efficient. Free of internal tubing to improve reliability and reduce the chance of leaks.

Your Price: $47.00
Desk-Top Compressor Nebulizer MEDNEB+ Compressor Nebulizer

Compact Desk-Top Nebulizer delivers quick treatment times. Includes disposable and reusable Nebs, carry bag. Piston-Driven Nebulizer Compressor.

Your Price: $48.00
Compressor Nebulizer Compact Compressor Nebulizer

Economical compressor for quick treatment times. Compressor includes disposable nebulizer and dishwasher safe reusable neb. Kit has everything.

Your Price: $46.00
Compartment Style Compressor Nebulizer Ariel Compressor Nebulizer

Ariel Compressor Nebulizer includes compartment to store nebs and tubing. Quick treatment times. Includes disposable nebulizer and extra filters.

Your Price: $49.10
John Bunn Nebulizer John Bunn Neb-u-Lite LX2 Nebulizer Compressor JB0112-110

John Bunn Neb-u-Lite LX2 Compressor Nebulizer includes disposable nebulizer and tubing.  Flow: 0-14 lpm, Pressure: 30 psi

Your Price: $59.00
DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide Nebulizer, model 5650 DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide Nebulizer-Compressor 5650

Devilbiss Pulmo-Aide Nebulizer, still one of the most popular nebulizers, it's the industry standard
Out of Stock

Your Price: $129.70
Devilbiss Nebulizer Filter 5650D-601 Replacement Filters, Devilbiss 5650 Series Nebulizers-5650D-602

Replacement filters for Devilbiss 5650-D, 5650-H, 4650-D, 46502 Nebulizer. 5 or 25 pack filters per package.

Your Price: $21.90
Devilbiss Nebulizer Filter 3655D-601 Replacement Filters for Devilbiss Nebulizer 3655D

Replacement filters for Devilbiss 3655D Nebulizer. 5 filter per package.

Your Price: $15.50
Sunrise Nebulizer Filters, model 2655D-601 Replacement Filters for Sunrise Nebulizer 2655D

Replacement filters for Sunrise Medical Compressor Nebulizer model 2655D.

Your Price: $23.00
Adult Medication Nebulizers