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Adult Oxygen Cannulas

Salter Labs Cannula, 1600-25

Salter Labs Adult Cannula w/25' Tubing

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Salter-Style Original Cannulas (25/CS)
Adult Size
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Product Code: SAL-1600-25
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Salter Labs Adult Cannula

Cs/25, 25' supply line

Salter-Style® Original Cannula. The Original Salter-Style Cannula is for oxygen flows up to 6 LPM. The clear, lightweight adult cannula is made with the Salter-Style manufacturing process, producing a soft, anatomically designed, one piece, seamless cannula that is comfortable to wear.

Clear, lightweight cannula with unique, one piece anatomical design eliminates the need for flap, which can cause irritation. The result is maximum patient comfort. Over-the-ear style head set ensures secure positioning, allowing freedom of movement.

Wrap around, “Anti-Roll” Feature
Works with the anatomy rather than against it...A Salter Innovation.

Latex free.
  • Adult Cannula
  • Unique patented, anatomically correct design, provides a natural fit for better comfort
  • Curved tapered nasal prongs, Better anatomical fit for long term use
  • Three-Channel, crush-resistant safety tubing, Uninterrupted flow of oxygen
  • The streamline design and clear material is almost invisible on the skin, Eliminates unnecessary material and weight; creates feather light comfort and reduces behind the ear pressure


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