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Installing medical bed rails can be a safety, convenience or security measure. Side Rails are not only handicap bed rails, they are just as important to those likely to fall from bed as they are to those with difficulties getting out of bed. These adult bed rails come in several forms and configurations, and you'll be able to locate a bed assist rail here on this page that's designed to fit onto standard hospital beds or your bed at home.

When bed rails are used, perform an on-going assessment of the patientís physical and mental status; closely monitor high-risk patients.
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Benefits of Bed Rails

  • Aiding in turning and repositioning within the bed
  • Providing a hand-hold for getting into or out of bed
  • Providing a feeling of comfort and security
  • Reducing the risk of patients falling out of bed when being transported
  • Providing easy access to bed controls and personal care items

Meeting Patients' Needs for Safety

  • Use beds that can be raised and lowered close to the floor to accommodate both patient and health care worker needs
  • Keep the bed in the lowest position with wheels locked
  • When the patient is at risk of falling out of bed, place mats next to the bed, as long as this does not create a greater risk of accident
  • Use transfer or mobility aids
  • Monitor patients frequently

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