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S-Cape Adjustable Bed w/4-lb Memory-Pedic Mattress

S-Cape Adjustable Bed, with 4-lb MEMORY-PEDIC Mattress

S-Cape Adjustable Bed w/10" 4-lb Memory-Pedic Mattress

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S-Cape Adjustable Bed
with 10" 4-lb MEMORY-PEDIC Mattress

Usually Ships in 4 to 6 Weeks
Product Code: S-Cape_Memory-Pedic
  • Note: Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
  • Returns: Non-Returnable Product
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S-Cape Adjustable Bed MEMORY-PEDIC Mattress

The S-cape Adjustable Bed comes with wireless remote and full-body wave-massage. Massage intensity controllable with 30-minute auto cutoff.

Includes 4-lb Memory-Pedic Foam mattress.
Our most popular Adjustable Bed includes Memory-Pedic 10" Mattress:
  • 3" Memory foam
  • 2" Tri-Co Conforming Foam
  • 5" HR Base

It's a Wallhugger:
This Adjustable Bed is a Wallhugger and can be placed next to the wall. Wall Huggers allow you to stay close to the nightstand. The bed will drop into most bed frames if desired, but the S-Cape adjustable bed doesn't need any extras - it's complete.

Every MEMORY-PEDIC memory foam mattress is specifically designed to work in conjunction with the Adjustable Bed Base. Mattresses are engineered to deliver the ultimate in support without sacrificing comfort. Mattresses conform to your body throughout the night maintaining comfortable sleep positioning.

  • Uses the included leg and caster assembly for a freestanding product or mount atop a conventional Heavy-Duty Bed Frame.
  • Head and foot operations are independent, as are left and right operations on the King-sized model (Two XL Twins placed together).
  • Two powerful, yet extremely quiet electric motors respond instantly to commands.
  • Sleek ergonomically designed control pendant glows in the dark to easily locate in a dark bedroom.
  • Sturdy steel frame features Armor Shield Plating, a process that delivers exceptional toughness, impact resistance and extensive corrosion protection.
Whisper Quiet Motors:
Quiet operation is the result of using the Leggett & Platt drive systems.

3 Position Memory Recall:
Allows you to recall up to 3 pre-programmed head and foot positions with one button.

Ergonomic Remote Control Hand Wand:
Back-lit, raised rubber buttons for more responsive feel and night viewing.

One Button Automatic Leveling:
Returns bed, head, and foot sections simultaneously to level position.

DC Motor System with Power Reserve:
Lowers the bed in the event of a power failure. The S-cape is a dual-motor bed. DC motors means queit operation.

Head and Foot Lift Motors:
Independent control; UL Listed and CSA Certified.

Box Spring Apperance:
The S-cape has an attractive box-spring appearance that looks great. Comes with headboard mounting brackets if you desire to use your existing headboard.

Full Mattress Support:
The S-cape adjustable bed has perimeter support and full mattress support base with a mattress retainer to keep your mattress in place even when sitting up.

  • 15-Year Warranty on mattress, 100% for 2 yrs then 50% for 13 yrs.
  • 2 Years Full Warranty, 18 Years prorated
  • 20 Year Frame, Base Board and Plywood

  • S-Cape offers it all...a luxurious comfortable bed that positions you for complete comfort.
  • Luxurious boxspring appearance, beautifully tailored with enhanced edge support.
  • Powerful, yet extremely quiet dual AC motor system.
  • Wallhugger engineering keeps your bedside table within easy reach...even with the head of the bed elevated.
  • Lighter weight.
  • Low voltage, bed has power reserve to lower bed in case of power outage.
  • Soothing wave massage with 30-minute cutoff timer. Massage intensity can be controlled with hand control.
  • Mattress upgrade options available.
  • Low profile mattress retainer.
  • Metal frames are robotically welded and powder coated for superior strength and finish.
  • Five inch legs with threaded glides allow you to easily change the height of your bed.

# of units required
Weight capacity
Weight lbs.
Twin XL
S-Cape Adjustable Unit
Full XL
S-Cape Adjustable Unit
S-Cape Adjustable Unit
Dual King
S-Cape Adjustable Unit

Special notes on this product:

Shipping & Returns:
Delivery can take 10-21 days depending on bed model, please check with customer service if this is an issue.

Because of the freight shipping & expenses involved, adjustable-base beds are non-returnable products.

These Adjustable Beds are designed to deliver maximum comfort and many years of service.

This Adjustable Bed includes:
  • 4-lb MEMORY-PEDIC foam mattress
  • independent head and foot massage with range of intensity and automatic shutoff timer
  • Neuroasage wave alternates from head to foot, creating a wave like motion
  • programmable memory allows easy return to a favorite position
  • one-button automatic leveling returns both head and foot sections back to the horizontal position
  • wireless remote control
  • optional headboard brackets

The lightweight wireless control operates the electric head and foot motors individually or simultaneously, and operates the massage unit as well. This comfortable homecare bed is available in twin, queen, full, and king sizes (King is 2 Twins).

S-cape Deluxe Adjustable
  • Superior Wall Hugger Capability
    Bed smoothly glides towards the wall leaving the nightstand close and accessible
  • Patented 3 Position Memory Recall
    You may recall up to 3 pre-programmed head and foot positions with one button
  • Ergonomic Remote Control Hand Wand
    With back-lit, raised rubber buttons for more responsive feel and night viewing
  • 30-Minute Massage Timer
    Body massage feature automatically turns off after time elapses
  • One Button Automatic Leveling
    Returns bed, head, and foot sections simultaneously to level position
  • Speed Variable Back & Leg Massage with 30-Minute Timer, helps increase circulation and relaxes tired muscles
  • No lubrication necessary
    Motors permanently lubricated
  • "Neurosage" Wave Massage
    Alternates massage head to foot with a variety of speeds/intensities creating a wave-like massage
  • One Touch Massage
    Program to your exact "Neurosage" Wave desire and recall it every time with one touch of a button
  • Full Mattress Support
    Mattress stays even with base giving total neck, head and shoulder support
  • Durable Plywood and Steel Base Platform
    The backbone of our Adjustable Unit is built to last
  • Mattress Retainer
    Keeps mattress in place during adjustments
  • Whisper Quiet Dual AC Motor System
    Allows individual position adjustments without disturbing the other sleeper
  • Head and Foot Lift Motors
    Independent control; UL Listed and CSA Certified
  • Headboard Adapters are standard
  • Memory massage recall
  • Variable Height Options,S-cape can match luxury bed profiles
  • Optional locking casters available


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