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Professional Gel Wheelchair Cushion

Action Professional, GEL Wheelchair Cushion

Action Professional Gel Wheelchair Cushion

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Professional GEL Wheelchair Cushion.
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Professional Gel Wheelchair Cushion

The Professional is a low-profile cushion that provides exceptional pressure relief for most users with a pressure ulcer history or are at risk of skin breakdown.

Full 1 5/8" of Akton polymer provides immersion for bony prominences and protects clients with fragile skin integrity.

The Professional Cushion provides an additional 50% cushioning against pressure, shear and vibration. This is significant for active clients using a power wheelchair who have concerns about bottoming-out and the potential effects of increased temperatures (due to foam insulation properties).

This multi-use cushion is recommended for use on manual and power wheelchairs, truck or taxi seats, or for other uses requiring significantly reduced high pressure areas, vibration and shear.

The very low profile allows users to effectively reach the floor for more efficient foot-assisted propulsion. It also conforms to pre-contoured foam or rigid cushions to maximize stability and positioning when required.

Includes Basic Cover. Incontinent and replacement covers are also available.

PartsReplacement Covers for Action Gel Cushions


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