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Electrodes & Lead Wires for TENS & EMS

Universal Electrodes and lead wires:

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Pre-Gelled Electrodes 2" x 2" TENS Pre-gelled Electrodes 40/pkg

Pre-Gelled Electrodes, 40/pkg, Square 2" x 2" adhesive pads for TENS & EMS.

Our Price: $49.90
Adhesive Pre-Gelled Electrodes, Square

Pre-Gel Adhesive Electrodes. Square 1.75" x 1.75"

Our Price: $17.90
TENS Electrodes Adhesive Pre-Gelled Round Electrodes, 3"

Adhesive Pre-Gelled Electrode Round 3"

Our Price: $19.95
Butterfly Electrodes Butterfly Electrode 5 7/8" x 3 3/4" 10/pkg

Large Butterfly Electrodes offer greater coverage area. Packaged 10 per box.

Our Price: $49.90
Butterfly TENS Electrodes Butterfly Electrodes 6" X 4"

Large Butterfly Electrodes measure 6" X 4". 4 per package or save on package of 8.

Our Price: $25.50
TENS & EMS Unit Electrodes Drive Adhesive Pre-Gelled Electrode Round 1.75", 4/pkg

Electrode Adhesive Pre-Gelled Round 1.75"

Our Price: $29.95
Electrodes PreGel, Round, 2”, 4/pkg Drive Adhesive Pre-Gelled Electrode Round 2" 4/pkg

Electrodes Adhesive Pre-Gelled Round 2"

Our Price: $29.95
TENS Unit Lead wires Drive Lead wires 2/pkg (For use with AMS-4)

Lead wires 2/pkg (For use with AMS-4) 43"

Our Price: $28.95
TENS Lead Wires Drive Lead Wires, 43" 2pr./bx

Lead Wires, 43" 2pr./bx

Our Price: $28.95
TENS Unit Lead wires Lead Wires 6/pkg

TENS and EMS Lead Wires, package of 6. Fits all TENS and EMS.

Our Price: $39.40
TENS ELECTRODES, Lower Back strips Lower Back Strip Electrodes

1.5" X 6" Lower Back Electrodes - 8 per package or save on pack of 16.  Works on both TENS and EMS units.

Our Price: $25.50
Rectangular Electrodes Pre-Gelled Adhesive Rectangular Electrodes 2" x 4.15"

Electrode Adhesive Pre-Gelled Electrodes for TENS or EMS. Rectangular 2" x 4.15"

Our Price: $29.95
Electrodes for T.E.N.S. & E.M.S.