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The 3-position full recline is available on most Lift Chair models and puts you in a position ideal for napping or relaxing.

3-Position Lift Chair Recliners

If you're looking to buy power lift assist chair models that not only assist you in sitting and standing but will also recline to whatever position you choose, then one of these 3-position full recline lift chair options should suit you nicely. Three-position doesn't refer to three separate reclining positions, but rather "sit, stand, recline."

Although the reclining postures change gradually as the hand-held remotes are activated, these heavy-duty 3-position lift chair recliners won't allow the user to lie completely flat, but almost. They recline to about the same angle as a typical Lazy Boy recliner, which make these 3-position models great value versus cost purchases and there are nearly two-dozen from which to select.

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Pride LC-105 Lift Chair LC105 3-Position

FDA Class II Medical Device*
Full recliner, sewn pillow back, chase lounger with medium size seat fits users 5'2" - 5'10" in height. Quick-Ship.

  • 20"W x 19"D
  • seat full chaise recliner
  • 325-lb capacity

Your Price: $759.00
Golden Technologies Eirene Lift Chair Eirene PR202 3-Position

The PR118 has a manually adjustable headrest in addition to all the features of a luxury 3-position lift chair. USB port on the hand control for your phone or tablet.

  • 20"W x 20"D seat
  • 375 lbs. capacity

Your Price: $889.00
Golden Technologies Elara Lift Chair Elara PR-118 3-Position

Golden's Elara Lift Chair is designed to offer you the most calming comfort and restorative relaxation. USB port on the hand control for your phone or tablet.

  • 20"W x 20"D seat
  • 375 lbs. capacity

Your Price: $939.00
Cambridge Lift Chair model PR-401 Cambridge PR401 3-Position

3-Position Cambridge provides a full reclining position for napping and relaxation. Full Chaise.

  • Med: 20"W x 20"D, fits 5'4" - 5'10"
  • Large: 22"W x 22"D, fits 5'11" - 6'2"
  • 375-lb capacity

Your Price: $949.00
Pride LC-250 Lift Chair LC-250 3-Position

FDA Class II Medical Device*
Chase Lounger, split back, 7 fabrics. Full seat lift chair, economically priced, and comfortable seating and napping. Fits 5'4" - 6'0". Quick-Ship.

  • 20"W x 20"D seat
  • 375-lbs capacity

Your Price: $949.00
Golden Comforter Lift Chair Comforter PR531 3-Position

3-Position Lift Chair is Golden's most comfortable and popular. Golden PR-501 is available in 5 sizes:

  • Med: 21"W x 21"D

Your Price: $1,049.00
Pride LC-358 Series Lift Chair LC-358 3-Position

FDA Class II Medical Device*
LC-358 Series available in 4 sizes. Button style back, chaise lounger for sizes Petite to Large. 4 QUICK-SHIP Fabrics.

  • 4 seat sizes
  • 375-lb capacity

Your Price: $1,159.00
Large Size Lift Chair Comforter PR531XW 3-Position

3-Position Golden PR-501M Extra Wide Lift Chair has Dual motors. Weight capacities up to 500 lbs.

  • Med: 27.5"W x 21"D

Your Price: $1,259.00
LC-358XL Lift Chair LC-358XL 3-Position

FDA Class II Medical Device*
Extra-Wide Size Lift Chair. 500 lbs. weight capacity, button-back chaise lounger.

  • 26"W x 21"D seat
  • 500-lb capacity

Your Price: $1,549.00
Three-Position Lift Chairs can be placed in any recline position. A 3-position chair does not mean that it "clicks" into each of 3 positions, positioning can be stopped anywhere by releasing the recline or lift button. 3 Position refers to sit, recline and stand. As a 3-position chair begins to recline the ottoman raises. The back must be in TV watching position before the ottoman is all the way up.

If you need separate controls for back and ottoman positioning see the Infinite Position Lift Chairs. Although the 3-position chairs do not lie down flat (like infinite-position lift chairs), they do go back as far as a standard Lazy Boy and most other recliners.

Click here to see more explanation of Lift Chair Positions

3-Position Power Lift Chairs by Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility.
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