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Hospital Beds  - Full-Electric -  Semi-Electric - Manual Hospital Beds

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  Low prices and large selection of Hospital Beds.

Easy to Buy: Our homecare hospital beds offer affordable equipment for home caregivers.  Hospital Beds are easy to order and we even packaged the most popular with mattress and rail combinations.

Assembly Required:  Most hospital beds assembly of 5 basic pieces. In most cases assembly does not require tools. See Hospital Bed Assembly step-by-step for example.

Free Shipping: All hospital bed prices include standard (freight) shipping.

Explore Surfaces: Whether you plan on purchasing a basic hospital bed package or individual components such as Low-Air-Loss and Alternating-Pressure Mattress systems, we are here to help you with choosing the right products. We even offer several rotational mattress systems capable of turning the patient at user-programmable intervals. 

Hospital Bed Alternatives: Many patients can benefit from an Adjustable Bed rather than a Hospital Bed. Most hospital beds are only available in Twin and Bariatric-sizes, Adjustable Beds may be the alternative for Full, Queen and even King sizes. 

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Featured Hospital Beds:
Invacare BAR600 Bariatric Hospital Bed
Invacare - Full-Electric Bariatric Hospital Bed Pkg #BR600

Invacare full-electric Bariatric Hospital Bed Package with mattress and rails, #BAR600 has 600-lb weight capacity. Complete package - everything you need.  Sleep surface 42"W x 80"D.

Drive Medical Bariatric Hospital Bed
Drive - Full-Electric Bariatric Hospital Bed #15300

Longer bed for taller users. Full Electric Bariatric Bed, 42"W x 84"L, 600-lb capacity. Bed only, optional half-length rails.

Drive Medical Heavy-Duty Hospital Bed
Drive - Full-Electric Bariatric Bed Package #15310

750-lb weight capacity Full-Electric Bariatric Bed Package. This is a wider bed, 48"W x 80"L. Includes mattress and 2 pr. half-rails.

Invacare Low Hospital Bed, full-electric model IVC5410-LOW
Invacare Full-Electric Low Hospital Bed IVC5410-LOW

Invacare Full-Electric Low Hospital Bed model IVC5410-LOW.  All positions controlled electrically.  Low bed has 9.5" minimum floor-to-bed deck height, 36"W x 80"L, 450-lb weight capacity.

Invacare Semi-Electric Hospital Bedl VC-5310
Complete Package - Invacare Semi-Electric Hospital Bed VC5310

This economical Semi-Electric Hospital Bed from Invacare has everything you need. Invacare  Value Care Series Semi-Electric Hospital Bed model VC5310.  36"W x 80"L with 350-lb patient weight capacity.


Invacare Homecare-Hospital Bed IVC5410
Bed only - Invacare Full-Electric Hospital Bed IVC5410

Bed only - Invacare Full-Electric Hospital Bed model #5410 IVC.  All positions controlled electrically.  36"W x 80"L, 450-lb weight capacity.

Hospital Bed Package Invacare model IVC 5410
Complete Package - Invacare Full-Electric Hospital Bed IVC5410

Everything included -  This Invacare Full Electric Hospital Bed set includes mattress and rails, shipping.  Twin size 36"W x 80"L sleep surface with 450-lb weight capacity.


Easy to Install.   No tools are required to assemble these hospital beds.
Follow these brief instructions and have your bed assembled in 5-minutes!

See installation tutorial:
Assembling Hospital Beds

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Medicare coverage of Hospital Beds

 Adjustable Bed Alternatives:

If you don't want the cookie-cutter appearance of a hospital bed there are alternatives like these Deluxe Adjustable beds.

This Hi/Low Bed from Flex-a-Bed is a traditional looking bed and offers twin, Fill, Queen and King sizes. Includes adjustable head/foot and an additional control for lowering and raising the entire bed. Just add a skirt and bedspread for a beautiful bed with full adjustment comfort and functionality.

Flex-a-bed Adjustable Bed with Hi-Low Feature, model 183

click here:  Flex-a-Bed Hi-Low Adjustable Bed w/Mattress

Package includes mattress.  
Non-medical appearance. Full Electric High-Low Adjustable Bed Package. Separate controls for bed height and head/foot positioning.  Price includes mattress, select from Firm, Medium or Soft or see upgrades.



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