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Rollators Adult Walkers Junior Walkers
Heavy-Duty & Bariatric Side Stepper Pediatric Walkers
Specialty Walkers Merry Walker Walker Accessories
Trionic Outdoor Walkers

Walkers & Accessories

Correct walker height diagram We carry a full line of walking aids. Choose from lightweight folding-walkers with wheels and skis for mobility, or rubber tipped walkers for gait training and stability. Walkers with seats and hand-brakes, push-down brakes or no brakes. Walkers are available in a variety of sizes from Pediatric to Bariatric. Find multiple selections in each walker category for toddler, young adult, petite, Junior, adult, heavy-duty and Bariatric.

Most people are comfortable with the walker handles just below the waistline. Handle height preferences are usually within the adjustment range of the walker.

Walkers Sizes:

  • Standard Adult Walkers (fits most 5' 2" - 5'11")
  • Tall Walkers (fits most 5' 11" - 6'4")
  • Junior Walkers (fits most 4' 8" - 5' 2")
  • Petite Walkers (fits most 4' 8" - 5')
  • Pediatric Walkers (toddler - youth sizes, Posterior, Anterior, Gait Trainers, Standers)
  • Heavy-Duty Walkers (up to 500-lb weight capacity)
  • Bariatric Walkers (up to 1000-lb weight capacity)
Rollators Adult Walkers Junior Walkers
Rolling Walkers with seats, hand brakes, baskets.
Adult Walkers Standard Size for users 5'3" up.

Junior Size Walkers (5'2" and Shorter)

Heavy-Duty & Bariatric Side Stepper Pediatric Walkers
Bariatric Walkers for users 300 to 1000-lbs.

Side Stepper Hemi-Walker 1-Hand Walkers

Pediatric Walkers, Gait Trainers and Safety Rollers

Specialty Walkers Merry Walker Walker Accessories
Specialty Walkers and Knee Walkers

Merry Walker Products

Wheels, Brakes, Trays, Accessories

Trionic Outdoor Walkers
Trionic Walkers all terrain walkers for increased mobility.

Walkers and Accessories

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Rollator Parts: Rollator Parts by Brand

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