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Women's Therapeutic Shoes

Women's wide shoes available with layered insoles. These shoes offer extra-depth and the benefit of additional width. Therapeutic shoes for people with tired-aching feet are often overlooked. Unfortunately, many people with mild to severe foot issues often overlook these benefits as well. They don't cost more than ordinary shoes so cost isn's the issue. It's education. Many people with treatable foot issues don't even know these shoes exist and the number of people walking around with constant back pain due to incorrect shoes is astonishing.

Diabetics are at an extremely increased risk of serious foot disorders. Diabetic shoes with moldable insoles reduce the risk of developing ulcers and sores that lead to serious foot problems. Read about Diabetic Neuropathy
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How to measure your feet.

Descriptions of some of the most common foot conditions where prevalence of Diabetic Neuropathy varies from 5 to 100% of the Diabetic population.