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Comfortable Diabetic Shoes

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Our feet typically bear the brunt of most of our everyday activities, so itís important to care for them as much as you can with proper footwear. PHC Online stocks a variety of different orthotic shoes for both men and women, and even more specific shoes for diabetics, that not only look great but are specially engineered to treat foot problems and provide all-day comfort.

We have several shoe styles available that are ideal for any occasion and condition. Shop menís and womenís dress shoes to keep your feet comfortable even through long days at the office, or browse through our stylish selection of athletic shoes with superior cushioning and arch support that allow you to maintain your active lifestyle without all the strain on your feet. Our selection also includes specialized diabetic shoes, post op and pain relief therapeutic shoes, special care socks, and orthotic inserts and lifts for your existing orthopedic footwear. Regardless of your lifestyle or your medical needs, weíve got the best orthopedic shoes for you!

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Men's Diabetic Shoes Men's Therapeutic Shoes Men's Casual and Dress
Extra depth, accept orthotics, Neuropthy relief.
Orthopedic support, extra depth, toe room.
Dress shoes that feel like Tennis shoes.
Women's Diabetic Shoes Women's Therpeutic Shoes Women's Casual & Dress
Extra depth, removable insoles, recommended for Diabetic foot.
Designed to treat your feet for all day comfort.
Hidden depth, layered insoles for fitting perfection.
Women's Athletic Shoes Men's Athletic Shoes Inserts and Orthotics
Supportive cushioning with arch support, High Performance.
Tennis shoes with support and layered insoles.
Orthotic Inserts, heel cups, Gel insoles and lifts.
Special Care Socks Post Op & Pain Relief
Dress or Sports socks and Diabetic Socks.
Post-Op & Pain Relief
Foot Care and Diabetic Shoe Center

Common foot conditions that require therapeutic shoes.

Ever used an orthotic insert?

Medicare and Diabetic Shoes:
Medicare does reimburse for, or authorize the coverage of Diabetic shoes, if the shoes are fitted to your feet by a Pedorthist. Most cases involve "heat molding" the shoe or insert to your feet such that the foot condition is treated properly. Seek a local source in your area to fit you for Diabetic Shoes. Even with this personal fitting, the shoes must be prescribed by a qualified physician treating a foot condition resulting from Diabetes. In addition, the person fitting and providing the shoes must be approved by Medicare and must be a Medicare provider in order to properly bill for the product. For more information on Medicare coverage of Diabetic Shoes see Medicare FAQ. Or call Medicare: 1-800-633-4227.