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Tall & Heavy Duty Rollator Walkers with Seats

Tall people requiring an adult walker or rollator walker with seat can have a tough time finding just the right one. If you're taller than 6'2", chances are that the average heavy duty rollator will be limited by its handlebar height (39 maximum) and require you to bend over uncomfortably while walking. This can be avoided by getting a tall walker like those available here in our tall walker category.

A rollator such as the Dolomite Legacy has three size choices and also features a tall handle option. An extra tall rollator such as the Dolomite Futura, one of the tallest on the market, is designed for users 6'2" and taller. It has eight-inch sturdy wheels, is ultra-lightweight and features a convenient, flip-up seat.

Also important, don't overlook seat height. Seat heights are listed in each chair's specifications. Take care not to get a seat so low that it's impossible to get up. The standard size Dolomite Legacy has a 25" seat height, which should work for most people up to 6'4" in height.

See the page on Measuring for a Rollator Walker for additional information on determining correct rollator/walker height.
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Invacare 4-Wheel Rollator, model 68100
Invacare Rollite Rollator 68100, 68100-TA

List Price: $249.00
Your Price: $139.00


Invacare 68100 Rollite Rollator with 8" wheels available in Standard or Tall sizes. The Rollite rollator is a cross between a traditional walker and a rollator. Rollite model 68100 weighs 16.5-lbs. and the 8" wheels really work well outdoors. Adjustable height flip-up seat. Overall width: 27"

Nova Zoom Rollator 4224
Nova Zoom 24 Rollator 4224

List Price: $229.95
Your Price: $144.00


Zoom 24 Rollator fits people 5'5" - 6'2" tall. Nova Zoom has Locking Hand-Brakes and 8" caster wheels. Seat to floor is 24". Pouch hangs under the 13.5" wide padded seat. Overall width: 24"

4 wheel walker
Nova Cruiser De-Light Rollator 4010

List Price: $179.00
Your Price: $148.75

Nova Cruiser De-Light Rollator is perfect for those needing a walker with a seat that folds-up fairly flat and the De-Light rollator has a flip-up seat. Lightweight aluminum frame is the easiest to transport. Adjustable seat height. Fits users 5'4" - 6'2" tall. Overall width: 27.5"

D-Lite Aluminum Rollator
D-Lite 4-Wheel Aluminum Rollator 750N

List Price: $322.40
Your Price: $149.00

Drive D-Lite Rollator is a great looking as well as great performing rollator. Contoured padded back and padded seat for comfort and 8" wheels. D-Lite weighs 19-lbs and folds for transport. The perfect walker with seat. Fits users 5'3" - 5'10". Overall width: 23"

Nova Mack Rollator
Nova Mack Rollator 4215

List Price: $319.00
Your Price: $209.00


Nova Mack Rollator offers a rugged, heavy duty frame with 400-lbs weight capacity. Mack rollator has a higher handle adjustment and seat height than the Cruiser Deluxe. Includes large 8" wheels. Weight 21.5-lbs, overall width: 24.5"

Drive Medical Nitro Rollator
Nitro Rollator, RTL10266

List Price: $499.00
Your Price: $231.00

Nitro Rollator now available in 4 sizes including a Heavy-Duty & Tall model. Lightweight aluminum walker with 10" front wheels, 8" rear wheels and folds side-to-side like a wheelchair folds. Hidden brake cables, push-button adjustments for backrest height and handlebar height. Sizes for users 4.8" - 6'4" in height. Overall width: 23"

Dolomite Legacy Rollator
Dolomite Legacy Rollator

List Price: $360.00
Your Price: $289.00


Dolomite Legacy Rollator available in 3 sizes, all have 8" wheels. The Legacy rollator is a high quality indoor/outdoor rollator. The Legacy has a flip-up seat. Reliable, durable and user-friendly. Tall Handle option. Overall width: 23"

Dolomite Jazz Rollator
Dolomite Jazz Rollator

List Price: $437.00
Your Price: $344.00

Dolomite Jazz Rollator available in 2 sizes. Jazz Rollator is made of light aluminum, cross-folds, collapsible seat and mesh basket. The Jazz has hidden brake cables. Overall width: 23.2"

Dolomite Symphony Rollator
Dolomite Symphony Rollator

List Price: $593.00
Your Price: $449.00

Dolomite Symphony available in 3 sizes. Dolomite Symphony Rollator is made of ultra-light aluminum, finished in an elegant brushed silver color. Symphony Rollator has a flip-up seat, 8" wheels and removable basket. Symphony Rollator combines style and sophistication. Overall width: 23"

Dolomite Futura Four Wheel Walker
Futura Extra Tall Four Wheeled Rollator

List Price: $549.00
Your Price: $479.00

THE TALLEST! Dolomite Futura Rollator for uses taller than 6'2". Handlebar height all the way up to 43.5" and the Futura Walker is made of ultra-light aluminum, has a flip-up seat, 8" wheels and removable basket. Overall width: 26.5"


Tips for buying a Tall Rollator

Handlebars: Users taller than 6-foot have a challenge in finding a rollator that fits properly since most manufacturers limit handlebar height to 39" maximum. The 39" height works for most people up to about 6'2" without having to bend over. One would assume the reason for the handlebar height limitation is to provide stability, anything taller might get a little tipsy unless the wheelbase increased dramatically. Dolomite offers a Tall Handle Accessory for the Dolomite Legacy Rollator for a maximum handlebar height of 40" and this may be the solution for many users.

We suggest a simple measurement: It's easy to take a quick measurement to see if the 39" - 40" handle height limitation will work for you. Measure from the ground up to just below the waistline or beltline since this is where most users are comfortable with their hands. If nothing else this will show how far the user will have to bend over, something to be avoided. See the page on Measuring for a Rollator Walker for additional information on determining correct rollator/walker height.

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