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Featuring some of the finest, most durably constructed 3- and 4-wheeled walker units in the industry, Preferred Health Choice maintains a huge inventory of rollator walker choices from the most recognized names in the rolling walker business, including Drive Medical, Trionic, Invacare, Lumex, Dolomite, Winmed, Nova and more. A walker with wheels may come with or without a seat, and most have handbrakes with a locking function. All are designed to make life easier for those desiring increased mobility and comfort while walking.

These walkers are not just for the elderly; they can be used to great benefit by those with ongoing back pain or muscle weakness, Sciatica, Arthritis, decreased balance or stamina or other conditions negatively affecting one's mobility, regardless of age. You'll find we have an impressive selection of specialized rolling walkers and rollator accessories, including heavy load-bearing Bariatric units, rollators specific to tall or small individuals and knee walkers that are ideal for those who can only use one foot, either temporarily or permanently.

3 Wheel Rollators 4 Wheel Rollators Bariatric Rollators
3-Wheel Rollators. Less weight, medium support walkers.

4-Wheel Rollators. Rolling Walkers with seats and brakes.

Heavy-Duty Bariatric Sizes. Wider seats, up to 1000-lbs.

Petite & Junior Tall Rollators Trionic Outdoor Walkers
Junior & Petite. Shorter users.

For Tall people. Up to 6'4"

All-Terrain Outdoor Walkers.

Knee Walkers Rollator Parts & Accessories
Knee Walkers. Crutch alternatives.

Common Replacement Parts & Accessories.

Rollator Manufacturers

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3-Wheel Rollators: Useful for those needing mild to medium weight support. No seats on 3-wheelers.
4-Wheel Rollators: Available in Adult, Junior, Tall, Heavy-Duty and Bariatric sizes.
Bariatric Rollators: Heavy-duty rollators have more weight capacity, larger seats, additional strength.
Rollator Parts: Some of the more popular replacement parts for rollators.

Not sure which rollator is right for you? Can't find the rollator you're looking for? Customer Service available 8:00am - 6:00pm (CST) M-F. Call Toll-Free 1-866-722-4581

Rolling walkers with seats and hand brakes

Increase mobility and independence with these functional ambulatory aids. A Rollator can instantly change a "slow-mover" into a "rock and roller" that will lead instead of drag. Aluminum Rollators are the most popular because they are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and work indoors as well as outdoors. All Rollators fold-up for easy transport and storage.

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PHC's selection of quality Rollators is the best and most reliable you'll find anywhere. We back up the products we sell with excellent service and an incredibly knowledgeable staff, so you can be confident that any rollator question you may have will be answered by experienced staff. PHC's vast inventory and free shipping on most items mean we can deliver rollators quickly, at a great value. Look to the friendly customer service pros at PHC to help you shop for a rolling walker.

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