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Combination Rollator-Transport Chairs

These Hybrids work as Rollator and/or Transport Wheelchair. Most have footrests that are hidden when used as a rollator and backrests that work for either function. Designed to safely handle patients in both cases, they are much better and safer than pushing someone on a conventional rollator.
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Lumex Rollator Transport Chair
Lumex Hybridlx Rollator/Transport Chair
List Price: $302.00
Your Price: $199.00
You save $103.00!


The HybridLX is a combination Rollator and Transport Chair. 300-lbs weight capacity. Fits users 5' - 5'10" tall. Weighs 22 lbs. Overall width: 26"

Ultra Ride Transport Wheelchair - Rollator
Ultra Ride Transport Chair-Rollator
List Price: $224.47
Your Price: $144.00
You save $80.47!

Transitions simply and quickly from a rollator to a transport chair. 250-lb weight capacity. Backrest works for rollator or transport chair. Weighs 17.5 lbs. Overall width: 25.25"

Duet Transport wheelchair - Rollator
Drive Duet Transport Chair/Rollator 795
List Price: $335.00
Your Price: $163.90
You save $171.10!


Combines features of a 4- wheel rollator and a transport wheelchair. Flip-up footrest and armrest. Weighs 19 lbs. Overall width: 25.5"


Dual function Rollator Transport Chairs

Unlike conventional Walkers, the Hybrid version is designed specifically to serve as both Rollator and Transport Chair. For years customers would use their standard rollator as a push device when the user/patient became tired. Not a function they were designed for. This practice is dangerous and accounts for accidents in which the patient fell to the ground, sometimes backwards. Avoid this situation. If you're going to use a rollator as a push chair get one of these hybrid models. They are inexpensive and safe.