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Standard Electric-Powered Wheelchairs

With nearly two-dozen choices from a wide range of top-quality manufacturers, the power wheelchairs for sale in this category are the best electric wheelchairs available. Electric-powered wheelchairs have been improved by leaps and bounds in the past decade, now sporting smaller footprints, greater comfort, better stability, more maneuverability and more power (and speed).

Some of these chairs can cruise at 5+ miles per hour and, with a single charge, travel 15 to 20 miles distance. A power-base wheelchair offers outstanding stability, and these units can turn on a dime. For an unbelievable value on heavy-duty power chairs, take a look at the Merits P318 Vision CF. It's being offered right here at a near 75% discount from MSRP and is great for those up to 300 pounds in weight. It's great for maneuvering in tight places, comes with a battery and charger and includes a choice of an 18" or 20"-wide, reclining Captain Seat.

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Drive Image EC Wheelchair Drive Image EC

Image EC Mid-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair. Image has 300-lb weight capacity, comfortable high-back swivel seat, and coil spring suspension.

Our Price: $3,499.00
DriveTrident Power Chair Trident Front-Wheel Drive

Trident Front-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair. 300-lb weight capacity, runs up to 4 mph, comfortable adjustable seat that can be adjusted forward/backward for individual positioning.

Our Price: $2,249.00
Drive Medical Trident HD Power Wheelchair Trident HD Power Chair

Trident HD has 450 lbs. capacity, front-wheel drive, 4 mph top speed. Larger comfortable seat is available in 22" and 24" widths.

Our Price: $2,599.00
Merits Gemini P301 Merits Gemini P301

Merits MP301 Gemini Power Chair with 450-lb capacity has comfortable 22" wide Captain's swivel seat with adjustable head and backrest.

Our Price: $2,688.00
Merits Travel-Ease Regal P310 Merits P310 Regal

Merits MP310 Power Chair with rear-wheel drive, 300-lb capacity, has comfortable 18" wide Captain's swivel seat, batteries...

Our Price: $1,776.00
Merits P320 Power Wheelchair Merits P320 Travel-Ease Regal

The Merits P320 Travel-Ease Regal Compact Power Wheelchair has a small footprint, 9' Drive Wheels, batteries, flat-free tires.  P320 has tight turning radius of 23" and 300-lb weight capacity.

Our Price: $1,574.00
Merits Vision Super Merits P327 Vision Super Bariatric

Merits P327 Vision Super Bariatric Power Chair with 450-lb capacity, 22" wide seat, 15-20 mile range and maximum speed of 5 mph. On sale now with Free Shipping.

Our Price: $3,891.00
Merits Vision Sport Merits P326A Vision Sport

Merits P326A Vision Sport Power Chair with 300-lbs capacity, 20" wide captain's seat, 18 mile range and maximum speed of 5 mph. Excellent handling.

Our Price: $2,847.00
Merits Vision CF P322 Merits Vision CF

Front wheel drive, 300-lb capacity, Captain's swivel seat, batteries. Excellent maneuverability indoors and run plenty power for getting around outdoors.

Our Price: $1,922.50
Merits/Avid Vector Power Chair Vector Rehab with Tilt & Recline

Merits/Avid P323 includes Power Tilt & Recline. Optional Power Legrest. Seat widths up to 22" and 300 lbs. weight capacity.

Our Price: $6,990.00
Jazzy Select 6 Power Wheelchair Jazzy Select 6

The Jazzy Select 6 with Activ Trac provides maximum stability and has smooth riding comfort with it's suspension even with weight capacity of 300-lbs.  Power seat-lift option available.

Our Price: $3,529.00
Jazzy 614HD Power Chair Jazzy 614HD

The Jazzy 614 HD Power Chair features High-back seat with headrest, 14" drive wheels, powerful 22NF Batteries and 450-lb weight capacity. Overall width of 25" and a 22" turning-radius. High weight capacity, powerful chair capable of working indoors or outdoors.

Our Price: $3,699.00
Jazzy Select Elite Power Wheelchair Jazzy Select Elite RR

The Jazzy Select Elite Power Chair w/9" Drive wheel primarily works for indoor/outdoor use.  Overall width of 23.75" and 24.75" turning-radius. The Select has a 300-lb weight capacity.

Our Price: $3,529.00
Jazzy Select HD Power Wheelchair Jazzy Select HD

Jazzy Select HD Power Chair has 450-lb weight capacity,  overall width of 25" and a 27" turning-radius. Pride Jazzy Select HD.

Our Price: $3,699.00
Jazzy 600 ES Power Chair Jazzy 600 ES

Jazzy 600 ES Power Chair for both indoor and outdoor use performance. 14" Drive Wheels, Active-Track ATX Suspension for extra wheelchair stability, and eliminates wheel hang-up on surface transitions. Jazzy 600 ES has a 300-lb weight capacity.

Our Price: $3,529.00
Jazzy Sport 2 Jazzy Sport 2

Front-Wheel Drive, tight turning radius, small footprint, and a nice low price. The Jazzy Sport 2 offers performance indoors and out.

Our Price: $1,699.00
Jazzy Air Power Chair Jazzy Air

Elevating Power Seat Lift on the Jazzy Air has a seat height range 23" - 33" and will drive with the seat elevated. 300 lbs. capacity, suspension system.

Our Price: $3,959.00
P222 Rear Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair Quickie P-222 SE

The Quickie P-222 SE leads the pack when it comes to speed and styling. At 8.5 mph and powerful 4-pole brushed motors, it is one of the fastest chairs in the fleet. Its rear-wheel drive base and sporty frame ensure you arrive confidently and in style.

Our Price: $5,596.00
Quickie Pulse 6 w/CG Tilt Quickie Pulse 6 Power CG Tilt

Quickie Pulse 6 Power Chair with Power CG Tilt.  Center-of-Gravity Tilt system includes new SPOT curved back. Mid-wheel drive power chair that is easy to use, tilt seating system, 300-lb weight capacity. Easy to configure the Pulse 6 for personal fit.

Our Price: $6,849.00
Quickie Pulse 6 Power Chair Quickie Pulse 6 Captain's Seat

Quickie Pulse 6 Power Chair with Captains Seat. Mid-wheel drive power chair with 300-lb weight capacity. Easy to configure the Pulse 6 for personal fit. Optional Power Seat Lift.

Our Price: $3,599.00
S-636 Rear Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair Quickie S-636 Rear Wheel Drive

Quickie S-636 offers powerful wheelchair performance and speeds up to 6.5 MPH or go for the optional 8.5 MPH upgrade. Powerful 4-pole brushed motors and short wheelbase design for excellent handling.

Our Price: $4,195.00

Power Wheelchairs: Power-Base

Power-Base Chairs have great maneuverability. Most Center-Wheel-Drive chairs like these can turn-on-a-dime, making them the most popular for use inside a home and the most maneuverable outside. If you need a power chair to run up and down the street at 4, 5, or 6 mph, you'll want to pay attention to "Drive Wheel" size. The larger diameter the drive wheels perform optimum outdoors. 14" rear wheels on a Jazzy Power Chair will run easy 5-6mph. Driving range averages about 15 miles on a charge.

Batteries are an important component on all power chairs. Sealed Gel Batteries are what you want - no leaks, no odor, no fuss. Lead-Acid Batteries have slightly higher amperage ratings then Gel batteries, but GEL batteries have a longer lifetime. Get Gel batteries if you travel with your chair, especially on airlines. Gel batteries have a full year longer lifecycle then lead acid batteries.

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