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Post-Op Pain Relief

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Therapeutic Boot Apex T1209 Conform Chukka Boot

With 3 velcro straps
and unmatched depth, this Chukka Boot accommodates severe foot
deformities, bandages, swelling, custom orthotics and prostheses.

Our Price: $76.00
Apex Bunion Night Splint Apex Bunion Night Splint

Anti-Shox Bunion Night Splints help keep your big toe aligned and eases pain caused by bunions.

Our Price: $31.90
Apex Met-Arch Bandage Apex Met-Arch Bandage, Pair

Apex Met-Arch Bandages were designed by a doctor to relieve pain at the ball-off-the-foot, while comforting and supporting your arch.

Our Price: $44.95
Post-Op & Pain Relief