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Lift Parts & Accessories: Lifting Chains, Medical Scales & More

In our Patient Lifts & Slings category, you'll find a selection of patient handling equipment from industry leaders like Hoyer, Invacare and Lumex. This includes medical scales, hydraulic hand pumps, Hoyer lift parts for a variety of their specialized patient lift equipment and more. You'll also have access to replacement batteries and chargers for Apex lift equipment, upgrade power kits for Genesis brand hydraulic lifts and a variety of replacement parts for Drive Medical equipment.

No matter what type of replacement parts or equipment you may need, we can help you find what you’re looking for. This includes battery chargers, replacement chain sets, surface mounting adaptors, battery packs, replacement hydraulic pumps, sling straps, sling bags, hand controllers, replacement wheels and casters, cradle kits, spreader bars, boom masts and even user and service manuals. If you're unable to find exactly what it is you require, just give us a call or shoot us an email. We're here to help!
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Hoyer Lift Parts

Ensuring safe patient handling when using a patient lift requires diligence in maintaining the integrity of the lifting chains, chain slings and other lift parts that normally degrade with age and use.

We carry an entire selection of patient lift and sling parts and accessories in this section. This includes replacement batteries, battery chargers and even an upgrade kit for turning a manual Genesis Lift into an automatic, electronic model. You'll also find replacement hydraulic pumps for a variety of lifts. We have a full line of Hoyer lift parts, including optional medical scales that fit Hoyer units. We also carry scales for Apex/Bestcare and Drive patient lifts. Shop with the confidence and knowledge that we carry only the best quality equipment available.

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