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Oxygen Conserving Devices & Regulators

Oxygen Flow control regulators and conserving devices are pressure reducing devices designed to regulate or lower oxygen pressure from a cylinder to levels that can be safely used by the patient. A Regulator simply regulates the (free) flow from an oxygen cylinder. A Conserving Device is an entirely different kind of device that delivers a "pulse" of oxygen as the patient inhales (on demand).

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CGA 540 Oxygen Regulator CGA 870 Oxygen Regulator CGA 870 Mini Oxygen Regulator CGA 540 Mini  Regulator
CGA 540 Oxygen Regulator
Your Price: $38.40
CGA 870 Oxygen Regulator
Your Price: $39.95
Oxygen Regulator for CGA540 valve, uses nut w/screw connection. Available in Adult with user selectable flow rates 0-15LPM.

Oxygen Regulator for CGA 870 valve. Available in DISS or Barb outlet. Available in Adult and Pediatric flow rates 0-15LPM.
Mini Oxygen Cylinder Regulator for CGA870 valves, BARB outlet. Adult Regulator with user selectable flow rates 0-15LPM.

Oxygen Regulator for CGA540 valve. Mini regulator uses DISS/nut w/Barb connection. Available in Adult with user selectable flow rates 0-15LPM.

Invacare Regulator Invacare Regulator Invacare Regulator Invacare Regulator
Invacare Piston Regulator IRC2020. Select flow style - 8 lpm maximum flow, CGA870.

Invacare Piston Regulator IRC2025. Select flow style - 15 lpm maximum flow, CGA870.

Invacare IRC2002 Piston Regulator - Pediatric. Select flow style - 4 lpm maximum flow (in pediatric increments), CGA870.

Invacare Piston Regulator IRC2121. Select flow style - 6 lpm maximum flow. CGA870, 0-6 L/min.

Pneumatic Conserving Device DeVilbiss PD1000 Conserving Device Salter Labs Conserving Device O2 Conserving Device
Invacare IOC100P Pneumatic Conserver. Extend oxygen usage time 3.5 to 1 with this Invacare Conserving Device. CGA 870 compatible.

The Devilbiss PD1000 Conserving Device offers true 3:1 savings, delivers high efficiency and improved clinical benefits. Long battery life, can run up to 6LPM in Continuous Mode, 6 settings for Pulse-Dose Mode.

TRI-OX 02 CONSERVER - .5 lpm increment settings form 1-6 lpm

The SmartDose Conserver continuously monitors breathing patterns and adjusts dosing to match activity at every single breath. Delivers a quiet, gentle dose of oxygen in an efficient and compact design.


Regulators & Conserving Devices

Regulators and Conserving Devices are selected based on the type of valve connection to your oxygen cylinder. Most use either a CGA870 or CGA540 valve for connecting to the cylinder. Oxygen output (to cannula) is via a BARB or DISS outlet. Barb is just like the name states - it's a barb type connector that your tubing is forced onto. The DISS type connector is a screw-on connector.

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