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Stethoscope Sphygmomanometer
Neural Reflex Hammers Otoscope

Diagnostic Products

Professional-Grade Diagnostic Instruments
Stethoscope Sphygmomanometer
Stethoscopes - Adult, Pediatric, Neonatal, Sprague, Rappaport, Cardiac.

Sphygmomanometer. Measure Blood Pressure. Home use and clinical models.

Neural Reflex Hammers Otoscope
Neural Reflex Hammers. Taylor, Neurological, Tromner, Babinski.

Otoscope - The Otoscopes are used for looking in the ear nose and mouth.

Economy Otoscope
Economy Otoscope
Your Price: $72.30

American Diagnostics Corp ADC5211Otoscope offers high quality optics and workmanship. Chrome-plated brass instrument with knurled grip and satin finish.
Aneroid Sphygmomanometer
Palm Aneroid Sphygmomanometer LabTron-215
Your Price: $36.90

LabTron-215 Palm Aneroid Sphygmomanometer has large, easy-to-read 65mm dial and push-button release.

Otoscope Diagnostic Kit
Otoscope - Diagnostic Set, Grafco 1227-4
Your Price: $227.90

Grafco 1227-4 Otoscope Set. Otoscope kit has everything for eyes, ears, nose and throat.
Fiber Optic Otoscope
Fiber Optic Otoscope, Grafco 8617
Your Price: $93.40

Grafco 8617 Otoscope is ideal for illuminating and examining the auditory canal
Lumiscope Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor, Lumiscope 1133
Your Price: $52.80

Lumiscope 1133 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor has 2 User Memory. Includes AC adapter, storage case and 4 AA batteries. This blood pressure monitor includes pulse monitor.
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