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Pride Lift Chairs Infinity Collection

In addition to infinite positioning, Pride Infinity Series Chairs offer Sleep recline designed to deliver on comfort and functionality. Full-Chaise Loungers (no gap between ottoman and seat), additional heat & massage options, and more fabrics to choose from.

Pride’s Infinite Collection offers a selection of lift chairs with truly distinctive options and features ranging from enhanced dimensions to infinite positioning and much more. The high quality Specialty Collection delivers exceptional style and comfort with every innovative and unique model.

Includes heavy-duty scissor lift mechanism, battery backup, head and arm covers, dual side pockets, quiet and smooth lift system, and are backed by Pride's 7-year limited warranty.

Use this Pride Lift Chair Reference Chart to decide which model is best for you.
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Pride LC-525i Lift Chair Recliner LC-525i Infinite-Position

Infinite positioning and Zero-Gravity for maximum flexibility and comfort. Optional heat & massage, more accessories. Beautiful fabric selection.

  • 24"W x 19"D - fits 5'3" and shorter
  • 20"W x 20"D - Fits 5'4" - 6'
  • 22"W x 22"D - Fits 5'9" - 6'2"
  • 375 lbs. Capacity

Our Price: $1,169.00
Pride LC-580 Oasis LC-580 Infinite-Position

Zero-Gravity, Infinite Positioning, and Trendelenburg for maximum comfort. Optional Deluxe Heat & Massage.

  • 20"W x 20"D, Seat-to-floor 20"
  • 22"W x 22"D, Seat-to-floor 21"
  • 375 lbs. Capacity.

Our Price: $1,479.00
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Which Lift Chair is for you?
Use this Pride Lift Chair Reference Chart to decide which model is best for you.

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