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Geri Chairs & Clinical Recliners

A geriatric chair is a great addition to a home or clinical environment where a patient needs a more substantial seating platform than is provided by a conventional wheelchair. Geri chairs and medical recliners are designed to allow someone to get out of the confines of their bed and be able to sit comfortably in a variety of positions while being fully supported. This type of medical seating nurtures a patient's independence and improves their quality of life significantly.

While they make great chairs for the elderly, a geri-chair is ideal for use in clinical situations where comfort seating is important. This may include areas where dialysis or chemo are being provided, in same-day surgery and OB/GYN clinics or in environments providing post-op, cardiac or outpatient care.

We have a comprehensive selection of geri-chairs and medical recliners from which to choose from, and they’re available in a variety of colors with multiple positioning capabilities and weight capacities. These chairs are durably made, easy to clean and perfect for long-term care patients.
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Clinical Care Recliner / Geri Chair
Clinical Care Recliner D577
Your Price: $669.00

Clinical Care Recliner is a 4 position recliner and includes Trendelenburg. Available in 3 upholstery colors. 21.5" seat width, 250 lbs. capacity.

Invacare Geri Chair
Deluxe Adult - 3 Position Geri Chair IH6065A
Your Price: $578.50


Invacare IH6065A Clinical Care Recliner has three positions: sitting, elevated leg or full recline. 18.75" seat width.

Invacare Wide Geri Chair
3 Position Recliner - Deluxe Wide IH6065WD
Your Price: $899.00

Invacare 3 Position Recliner, Deluxe Wide model IH6065WD has 22.75" seat width and 400-lb capacity.

Invacare Geriatric Recliner Chair
Traditional three-position Recliner IH6074A
Your Price: $599.00

Invacare Traditional Geri-Chair. This Invacare IH6074A Clinical Care Recliner comes with tray that stores on side of chair, 250-lb weight capacity and 19" seat width.

Invacare Geri Chair
Clinical Recliner Geri Chair IH6077A
Your Price: $664.90

Invacare IH6077A Clinical Recliner Geri Chair is an infinite positioning chair. Fully upright to fully reclined and Trendelenburg. Can be operated by patient or assistant. Ideal for home care any medical office setting.

Geri Chair Activity Chair
Lumex Activity Tray for 565 5644
Your Price: $129.00

Activity Tray for Geri-Chair
Lumex Activity Tray Table for Petite 5644P
Your Price: $144.00

Activity Tray for Lumex Petite Geri-Chair.
Geriatric Chair Activity Tray
Lumex Activity Tray Table (Wide) 5644W
Your Price: $124.00


Tilt-in-Space Geri Chair Recliner
Tilt-in-Space Preferred Care Recliner 565T
Your Price: $889.00

Lumex Preferred Care Recliner with Tilt-in-Space for improved patient comfort. Model 565T is Adult size has 19" seat width and 250-lb capacity, Independent legrest operation. Drop-Arms. 4 colors to choose from including FR series for CA133 Fire Code compliance..

Lumex Preferred Care  Recliner
Preferred Care Recliner, 565G
Your Price: $695.00

Lumex Preferred Care Recliner model 565G is standard adult size recliner. Seat size 19"W x 19.5"D seat width and 250-lb capacity, many colors to choose from. Infinite positioning for increased comfort and pressure relief. Model FR meets CA133 Fire Code specifications.

Bariatric Recliner
Powered Bariatric Recliner, FR588W
Your Price: $3,353.00

This Lumex Electric Bariatric Recliner FR588W patient and has a 700-lb weight capacity and independent backrest and footrest operation. Works on AC power or it's own rechargeable battery pack.

Extra-Wide Clinical Care Recliner
Extra-Wide Clinical Care Recliner, FR587W
Your Price: $1,429.00

Lumex Extra-Wide Clinical Care Recliner, model FR587W. Extra-wide size has 23" between arms and 450-lb capacity, 5 colors to choose from. Reclines to Full Trendelenburg position. Meets CA133 Fire Code Regulations

Lumex Preferred Care  Recliner
Preferred Care Drop-Arm Recliner, 565DG
Your Price: $839.00

Lumex 565DG Preferred Care Recliner Geri-Chair. Infinite recline back and height adjustable drop-arms. Seat size 19"Wide x 19.5"Deep and 250-lb weight capacity, 4 colors to choose from. Model FR meets CA133 Fire Code specifications.

Clinical Care Recliner w/Drop Arm
Clinical Care Recliner w/Drop Arms FR566DG
Your Price: $1,419.00

Lumex Clinical Care Recliner w/Drop Arm has 20.5" seat width, 23" between arms, 33" overall width and 350-lb weight capacity. Provides full-recline and Trendelenburg positioning. Meets CA133 Fire Code Regulations.

Clinical Care Recliner
Clinical Care Recliner FR566G
Your Price: $1,483.00

Lumex Clinical Care Recliner has 20.5" seat width, 23" between arms, 33" overall width and 350-lb weight capacity. Provides full-recline and Trendelenburg positioning. Meets CA133 Fire Code Regulations.

Lumex Drop Arm Recliner
Drop-Arm Recliner, Pillow Back, 3-Position
Your Price: $1,157.15

Lumex FR330 Drop-Arm Recliner Geri-Chair. Three-position recline back, seat size 21,5" Wide x 20" Deep with 250-lb weight capacity, 4 colors to choose from. Combines the therapeutic benefits of position change with a more residential appearance. Meets CA133 Fire Code specifications.

Lumex Geri-Chair Recliner
Ortho-Biotic II Geri Chair Recliner
Your Price: $1,899.00

Lumex FR597 makes a great fully functional Recliner Geri-Chair for home of any office setting. Independent Back & Foortest can be operated by user or attendant. Includes Trendelenburg positioning. Seat size: 23" Wide x 20.5" Deep with 350-lb weight capacity.

Geri Chair Overlay
Geo-Wave Geri-Chair Cushion
Your Price: $159.00

The Geo-Wave Cushion designed for Geri-Chairs and Specialty Recliners. Cushion works great for dialysis, chemotherapy and cardiac care. Provides exceptional comfort for Geri-Chairs. Choose from 3 seat sizes.

Geri Chair Overlay - Alternating Pressure Relief
Geri-Chair Alternating Pressure Overlay System
Your Price: $1,384.50

Geriatric Chair Overlay System - Alternating Pressure while in the reclining position...

Our wide selection of Healthcare Seating can help liberate almost anyone from the confines of bed and make them more comfortable for longer periods of time. If you're in doubt of which product will work best for your needs, call us at 1-866-722-4581. We're here to help you!

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