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Bed Rails

Hospital Bed rails are available in two forms: Half-Length or Full-Length. Half-Length Bed Rails are desirable if the patient is going to be getting in and out of bed by themselves without help. Half Rails are easy to raise and lower by the patient, whereas Full Rails require an attendant to drop or raise the rail. Hospital Bed Rails attach securely to the frame of the bed. Home Care Rails usually consist of a support bar between the mattress and box-spring.
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Bed Assist Handle, model 15063-Adj Half Length Hospital Bed Rails Invacare 6629 Hospital Bed Rail
Drive Bed Assist Handle 15063-ADJ
Your Price: $49.00
You save $50.90!

Invacare Reduced Gap Half-Length Bed Rails 6630
Your Price: $95.00
You save $90.00!

Adjustable Height Bed Assist Handle for home style bed may be just the help you need for getting out of bed. Reduced Gap Half-Length Bed Rails works on any hospital bed. Easy to install with sturdy crossbrace. Easy for patient to lower the rails for exit.

Invacare 6629 Full-Length Bed Hospital Bed Rails. Reduced Gap Bed for safety.

Lumex Hospital Bed Rails Home Bed Side Helper Bed Rails for home style beds
Lumex Reduced Gap Hospital Bed Rails 6590B-1
Your Price: $109.00
You save $42.00!

Bed Side Helper
Your Price: $109.50
You save $136.50!

Drive Home Style Bed Rails 16500
Your Price: $109.90
You save $145.10!

Lumex No Gap Half-Length Bed Rail model 6590B-1 is shorter in length to allow exit from the bed and secure enough to use as a secondary handle for exiting the bed.

Home Bed Side Helper is perfect for home-style, non-hospital beds with a metal (box-spring) style frame. Height adjustable legs allow use with most any bed.

Home Style Bed Rails have a support bar that goes between mattress and box-spring to provide a durable side rail. Rails lower and raise. Fits Twin up to King beds.

Half-Length Rails for Bariatric Bed T-Style Half- Length Hospital Bed Rails Bed Assist Rails for home style bed
Bariatric Half-Length Bed Rail 6640
Your Price: $119.00
You save $48.00!

Drive T-Style Heavy-Duty Half-Length Bed Rail 15021
Your Price: $119.00
You save $44.00!

Drive Home Bed Assist Rail & Bedboard 15062
Your Price: $129.00
You save $126.00!

Invacare 6640 Reduced Gap Heavy-Duty Half-Length Bed Rails are sturdy and easy to raise or lower. Attach to Invacare Hospital Bariatric Homecare Bed.

T-Style Bed Rails work on most bed frames, designed for Bariatric Hospital Bed. Half-length Rails raise and lower easily and attach securely to bed frame.

Home Style Bed Assist Rails from Drive Medical. Platform goes between mattress and boxspring to provide a strong durable side rail.

Healthcraft Smart Rail M-Rail Standard Bed Rail Bed Rails
Smart Rail model HCPSRS
Your Price: $129.00
You save $70.00!

MRail Deluxe Bed Rail 7002
Your Price: $139.90
Bed Rails - Home Style
Your Price: $169.95
You save $79.05!

Smart Rail provides safe transfer to and from bed. Works on standard non-adjustable home style beds.

MRail fits between mattress and box pring unit. MRail can be easily dismantled for travel. The M grip is 17" from bottom of mattress. MRail will support 300-lbs.
Home Bed Rails easily raise and lower, support rails go between mattress and box-springs. Adjustable length rails can be installed in seconds.

ArcoRail Bed Rail for standard bed Flip-Back Rail Halo Hand Rail
ArcoRail Deluxe Swivel Bed Rail
Your Price: $209.90
You save $39.10!

Invacare Assist Bed Rails 6632
Your Price: $219.00
You save $283.99!

Halo Safety Ring
Your Price: $229.00
You save $158.00!

ArcoRail can be rotated 360 degress and locked at every 90 degree turn, and will support 300-lbs. Designed to work on standard home style bed.  
Invacare 6632 Bed Assist Rail is designed to work on LOW Hospital Beds. Easy to install. Easy for patient to flip-back rails for exit.

Halo Safety Ring bed side assistant for both patient transfers and therapy. Recommended for Assisted Living Centers. The Halo Safety Ring is the only institutionally designed bed system mobility device that meets and exceeds the FDA and the Hospital Bed Safety Workshop (HBSW) dimensional guidelines to prevent resident entrapment. Available as single or double ring for hospital bed, double ring for regular home style beds.

Magic Rail for Beds Deluxe Bed Rails for Adjustable Beds Healthcraft Modrail
Nova Bed Rails for Homecare & Adjustable Beds
Your Price: $249.00
You save $126.00!

Deluxe Bed Rails for Adjustable Beds
Your Price: $261.00
You save $114.00!

Modrail for Hospital Beds HCPMRINV
Your Price: $349.00
You save $130.00!

Magic Rail is Half-Length Deluxe Bed rails for Adjustable Beds and beds with regular box springs. Rails raise/lower easily, fits twin, full, queen and king size beds. Available as single sided rail or double. Magic Rails install in minutes.

Deluxe Rails - Half-Length rails work on any Adjustable Bed with a wood backing on mattress support base. Works on all our Adjustable beds. Available as pair or single side.

Healthcraft Modrail pivots and locks every 45 degrees. Modrail provides safe transfer to and from bed. Works on standard adjustable hospital beds.
Bed Rails for Hospital beds, Home Care beds and Adjustable beds.

Bed Rail Entrapment Awareness

There are approximately 3 million hospital and nursing home beds in use in the United States. Bed Rail Entrapment and Bed Rail Safety awareness guidelines have been created by the FDA and Hospital Bed Rail Safety Workgroup (HBSW). These guidelines were designed to reduce the possibility that a user could be caught, trapped or entangled in the space in or about the bed rail, mattress or medical bed frame. Many Assisted Living Centers require removal/elimination of bed rails or replacing them with the Halo Safety Ring.

Halo Safety Rail