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Bariatric Patient Lifts

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Invacare Bariatric Patient Lift Sling Sani Sling Lumex Bariatric Sling
Invacare R140 XX-Large Heavy-Duty Sling is available with or without commode opening. Invacare Heavy Duty Full Body Mesh Sling has 600-lb weight capacity. Polyester/Nylon fabric.
Sani Toileting Sling available in 4 sizes. Sani Sling is easy to apply and use for transfers and toileting. Lumex UP894 padded Bariatric Sling. Divided Leg Sling. U-Sling style works on any 4/6 point lift. Sling has 600-lb weight capacity.
Hoyer QuickFit Bariatric Sling Hoyer Full-Back Bariatric Sling Digital Scale for Patient Lift
Hoyer Quick Fit Bariatric Sling has a 850-lb weight capacity. Available in 4 sizes, and uses an enhancement of the Quick Fit design, providing more comfort and more support. Padded around the buttocks and leg area for patient comfort. Hoyer Bariatric Full-Back Sling has a 850-lb weight capacity. Available in 4 sizes, works on 4 or 6-Point Lifts. Full Back support provides maximum comfort and support. Digital Scale for Patient Lift. Can be used with most manufacturers patient lifts.
Bariatric Patient Lift, Drive 13244 Bariatric Patient Lifter, Lumex #LF1090 Bariatric Patient Lifter, Drive #13245
BariatricPatient Lift
Our Price: $1,899.00
Lumex Bariatric Patient Lift
Our Price: $2,197.00
600-lbs. capacity. Swivel-bar allows 360 degrees patient rotation. Lift plugs into any wall socket for charging, no off-board charger needed.
600-lbs. capacity. Six-point spreader bar and can rotate patient 360 degrees. Lift from floor, optional digital scale.
600-lbs. capacity. Swivel-bar allows 360 degrees patient rotation. Includes Removable Battery-Pack and Off-Board Charger.
Heavy Duty Hoyer Lift Hoyer Lift HPL700
600-lbs. capacity. Reliant Bariatric Heavy-Duty Patient Lifter for larger patients. Includes 2 rechargeable battery packs and wall mount external charger.
700-lbs. capacity. HPL700 offers a high-quality Bariatric Patient Lift, designed to meet the needs of obese patients. Lift from floor, bed, chair, commode, or any surface.
Bariatric Lifts and Slings

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