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Two-Position Electric Recliner Lift Chairs

When shopping to find the best power lift recliner chair to meet your needs, price may be an important factor. If so, you'll want to look at these two-position electric recliner chairs. If you’re in need of a chair that will assist you in simply sitting and standing, these 2-position stand-up lift chair models should serve you well.

The majority of these motorized lift-up recliners recline slightly, putting you in the position most people want for reading or watching TV, but don't recline fully to a napping or sleeping posture. On the other end, the Risedale Power Seat, for example, doesn't recline at all – only the seat cushion moves. It also looks like a normal wing-back chair.

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Golden Technologies Capri Lift Chair Capri PR-200 2-Position

Golden Lift Chair Capri reclines to TV watching position. Economical 2-position Lift Chair and is equipped to give you years of comfort and durability. The Capri Lift Chair has several quick-ship fabric choices.

  • 20"W x 19"D seat
  • 325-lbs capacity

Our Price: $599.00
Pride LC-110 2 Position Lift Chair LC-110 2-Position

2-Position, Button Back Style. Great way to get into an economical Lift Chair. LC-110 reclines to a TV watching position, gap between ottoman and seat. Fits user height 5'2" - 5'10".

  • 20"W x 20"D seat
  • 325-lb capacity

Our Price: $599.00
Pride LC-20 Lift Chair Recliner LC-220 2-Position

Reclines to TV watching position. Offers comfort and style at an economical price. The best looking 2-Position Lift chair.

  • 20"W x 20"D seat
  • 375-lb capacity

Our Price: $729.00
Pride LC-805 Lift Chair LC-805 Wall Hugger 2-Position

Wall-Hugger, 2-Position Chair, goes back into TV watching position. Lift Chair offers comfort, style and soft fabric choices. Stylish back design needs only 4" from wall.

  • 20"W x 20"D seat
  • 300-lb capacity

Our Price: $1,139.00
Pride LC-358XXL Lift Chair LC-358XXL 2-Position

Extra-Extra-Large Lift Chair Recliner. 2-position chair, 600-lb capacity, button-back chaise lounger has wider seat width and 38" back width. Reclines to TV napper or TV watching position.

  • 30"W x 22"D seat
  • 600-lb capacity

Our Price: $1,439.00

Two-Position Lift Chairs

Two-Position Lift Chairs offer an economical way to get a chair with full lift functionality.

Don't let the "2-Position" scare you off! These chairs have full lifting capabilities. 2-Position Lift Chairs are the most basic type of lift chair: Sit and Stand. They recline only a few inches and are ideal for the TV watching position. These are primarily for user's that do not need full recline, but need help from the seated position to the standing position. As you press the recline button, the chair does reclines as the ottoman rises.

** See how a 2-Position Lift Chair actually works: Lift Chair Types

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